The Number Ten: Adventure Sports

This list counts down the top ten adventure sports to be experienced.

This list counts down the top ten adventure sports to be experienced. Of course, each person is inclined to enjoy certain sports more than others, and some maybe don’t like sports at all. My top ten is based mostly on what would be fun to try. Whether you or I fully intend to annihilate this list, maybe there are a few things that will spark some interest! Please note some of these do require professional training or lessons.

10. Rock Climbing – This can be done indoors and outdoors, although arguably it is not much of an adventure indoors. It does offer the opportunity to train indoors before tackling the outdoors. I know people who do it competitively, and enjoy it thoroughly.

9. Hang Gliding – This would be especially fun if you’re not afraid of heights (thanks Captain Obvious). It is also a great experience if you enjoy amazing sights and want the bird’s eye view. This is pretty daring, but probably worth the attempt.

8. Scuba Diving – This can be a casual past time at the lake or an exciting discovery mission in a variety of oceans. If you’re swimming skills are up to par and you don’t mind being alone with the fishes, this may be a great one to try.7. Kayaking – There are certainly different levels of this adventure sport. This makes it a good option for a wide variety of thrill seekers. From open, resting water to raging white water, this is an option for everyone.

6. Snow Shoeing – I have lived in Western Canada my whole life and have never done this, and it kind of upsets me. What better place to embrace a great workout and the elements like snow shoeing? I had some friends do it frequently last winter season, and I intend to follow suit and try it for sure.

5. Kite Boarding – This one looks like a challenge. On the water, or again, a great option for winter wonderlands. Winter Kite boarding combines snowboarding and a kite to create some big air and some big time adventures. Snowboarding itself is an obvious and great winter adventure sport, but this offers a new challenge.

4. BMX or Mountain Biking – This is a sport that can be done on pavement or in the dirt. It is kind of what you make of it, with the limits really being made by yourself. Fun for all ages.

3. Mountain Boarding – Long boarding has become extremely popular as most people know, and this is the extreme version. These boards are built for tough terrain. You pretty much have to go downhill here, so it will take some courage to get on that board.

2. Stand Up Paddle Boarding – Sorry this isn’t too extreme or wild, mostly peaceful and a good workout. I put this at #2 because of its popularity and because it can really be a fun time for almost anyone. Rivers, lakes, and oceans, can all be had on the paddle board.

1. Surfing – The ocean is a mighty beast that we must respect. It is also a beautiful thing and can be a great adventure. Surfing can be a lifestyle, but it can also be a once or few times in a lifetime type of adventure sport. It certainly takes some practice to become enjoyable, but the great thing about it is the “course” is always there and always enough in itself to satisfy.

Some notables not on the list would be: hiking, and its extreme version, orienteering, snowboarding (officially), Nordic skiing, dirt biking, bungee jumping, and minimalist running. I can’t give an amazing explanation of why I picked some over others, other than the desire to experience them. Any level of physical activity is great for your body, mind, and soul. Feel free to make a list of your own top ten and experience them when you have the chance!

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