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The Number Ten: Best Nature Inspired Tracks

I have compiled a list of ten (current-ish) songs that really remind me of, and connect me to, nature.

I have compiled a list of ten (current-ish) songs that really remind me of, and connect me to, nature. Each song possesses something that assists my mind in drifting away to the place among, around, or within the trees. Sometimes it can be difficult to explain why a song makes you feel the way it does, but all of these songs have great imagery. Whether the artists have created the image themselves or the song reminds me of a place (or place in time) all of them succeed in their journey.

The songs and their abilities are of course all in my own opinion. I definitely value the opinion of others when it comes to music, so if you have any songs that take you to that place, feel free to comment below! I have linked to the videos for the songs (which may or may not agree with my mental imagery). Let’s count them down:

10. Grouplove – Ways to Go

To me this song represents growth, or the ability to recognize that there is growth to be experienced. I guess it’s pretty obvious from the title the song deals with getting where you need to go. It is how you interpret it that really decides where you’re trying to arrive to.It is a fun song that you can bounce along with, and also feel inspired by. The picture that plays through my head is those great experiences outside as kid; growing and learning through experiencing.

9. Northern Youth – Los Angeles

Although Los Angeles is large city, not necessarily treed, the lyrics in this song really seek to remind us that we do spend a lot of time searching and exploring. In the end, there is a “place” where you will come to terms. For me, I find some value in seeking adventure or finding new places, but at the same time, realizing the importance of home.

8. The Mowgli’s – San Francisco

The West Coast really is beautiful, and this song, although not about nature and more about love, reminds me of that. And strangely, San Francisco reminds of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, which reminds me of Caesar playing in the woods. I know, super weird, but it is what it is. Certainly a great track for around the campfire.

7. Dawes – When My Time Comes

This song is a little older, but it is one the best songs I’ve ever heard. “When My Time Comes” could be considered to mean death, but for me I consider it as meaning to wait for an opportunity. Once in a lifetime opportunities do come along, especially when it comes to travel and exploration. This song really inspires me to seize the moment(s). It also makes for a great alarm in the morning as it eases you into the day!

6. Ben Nichols – The Last Pale Light in the West

Sometimes life is serious, sometimes nature is serious. This is a gritty track that really hits home on a lot of levels. You can feel some struggle here, and that’s great, because it’s not always roses and bubble baths. It definitely has some serious imagery of watching that sun drop. I think anyone can fill in the blanks on moments where they have watched the sun set, whether symbolic or while staring at the sun.

5. Sam Roberts – Golden Hour

In the video from CBC’s series with Sam, he describes his feeling about writing this song (so I guess I don’t really have to). Key point though, he’s watching some serious sunset. The truth is; the song itself really makes you happy with the exact place you’re in. It reminds you that it’s okay to have big dreams and wishes, but it’s also ok to feel great wherever you may be.

4. Ben Howard – Old Pine

This one gets the nod a lot because of its title, but Ben Howard does have a knack in most of his music of channelling some deep connection with nature. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, this guy can make you think about grass and trees and all that jazz. I would like to imagine “the old pine” falling is either symbolic, or due to natural causes…either way this song taps into nature big time.

3. Lucy & the Cloud Parade – Feel Lucky

Cloud Parade? This track brings no grey feelings. It is absolutely a feel great song. This is the one to get going when you’re really feeling like the luckiest person in the world. Maybe it’s a drive down the coast, maybe it’s a brisk hike through the woods, or maybe you just bought a fresh tentree tee and are heading out to rock it for the first time; this one goes hand in hand. It’s just pure bliss.

2. Wake Owl – Wild Country

It was really a toss-up here between this song and another, “Gold”, but this one takes the cake due to its title, and the feeling it really delivers. The song seems to be caught in between giving permission to seek adventure/follow the heart and not even trying because there is no use. Essentially, by the end, I feel encouraged to follow thy heart, and let this song bring you home.

Before we hit our #1 track here are some Honorable Mentions:

Band of Horses – The General SpecificI dare you to try not to like this southern sound. Avicii – Hey Brother I think “the endless road to rediscover” says it all. KONGOS – Come With Me Now It’s tough to experience nature without moving those feet! NONONO – Pumpin’ Blood This one just plain old gets the heart pumpin’. Whistle along.

1. Mighty Oaks – Just One Day

I could have gone with any song from their recently released album “Howl”, this thing is pure Pacific Northwest nature at its core. There isn’t one thing about this song or the album that doesn’t cause me to reflect on nature, as well as the journey’s and stories that come with following your heart through the trees. Whether you are in the Pacific Northwest, the Eastern Seaboard, or Northern Saskatchewan, the tales all relate. This is folk rock at its finest that absolutely blends emotion and the trees it sifts between.


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