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The Perfect Bicycle

As spring has passed and summer has become an actual reality, there is a certain sense of needing to be outdoors.

As spring has passed and summer has become an actual reality, there is a certain sense of needing to be outdoors. Sure, winter offers some outdoor activity here and there, but not much that can also speed up the commute from destination to destination. That is unless of course you would like to snowshoe to work (not saying you shouldn’t, but you know…). The bicycle offers an opportunity to get some much needed exercise, experience amazing summer days, and also get to where you need to go. A bike ride can be a casual experience or a vigorous one depending on the purpose. This is why it is so important to find not only a proper bicycle, but a perfect one.

I am writing this on the assumption that the average Kijiji shopping, bike riding individual only purchases one bike. I am sure there are people out there who own multiples, but for now let’s roll with the one bike system. I mean, part of the fun is finding that one bicycle that really fits who you are and all that you do. Let’s look at some of the options (all names of bike types are that of my own, nothing official):

1. The Cruiser: This bike is uber-popular these days as people channel their inner past era voyageur. The cruising bike gives off a great California dreamin’ vibe and really says to the world, “I’m so darn relaxed on this thing”. Cruisers are flashy, fashionable, and a good looking time. Careful though, you may need to go stand up style to get up that hill on the trek!

2. The Folding Bicycle: This is one that I didn’t quite get at first, until I realized it actually works. Do you have a car and want to bring your bike on the go with you? It’s your life, and maybe you can’t get as far as you need to go solely riding your bike. This thing looks a little different, but sometimes different is what we’re all after.

3. The Old School Gear Shifter: A ten speed with attitude, from the 1980’s. This is where you’re skimming the ads for an era crossing bike, but also need the ability to switch gears. This one really walks the line. It comes at a discounted rate, but also has the allure of the cruiser. If one is really peddling it can throw off the retro Tour de France attitude, basically in it to win it with this unit.

4. The Chopper: It takes the right type of personality to pull this one off. There is a certain amount of swagger that comes along with rolling the chopper. It’s all about riding low and looking good doing it. That’s not to say it isn’t a functional bicycle. These things can be a comfy ride, and essentially get you to where you need to go. The uniqueness of this of bike is the fun, yet serious attitude it tosses at you.

5. The BMX: This is a type of bike that never really comes and goes. It’s main “purpose” is for doing tricks. So just like its extreme sport counterparts, it only improves, not fades. This one will still get you from point A to point B, but if you don’t want to use those pegs, maybe it’s not for you. It’s not too late to try new things though!

6. The Mountain Bike: This one is for the “serious” rider. Or maybe it’s not. A mountain bike can be crazy fun if you’re on the right terrain, so who says it is a serious whip? What is serious is the serious ability the change gears, switch lanes, hit the pavement with a purpose, and possess the ability to off-road.

I am no bike expert; that is for sure. The expertise I offer lies within the constant desire to find what fits in my life. Finding the right bicycle is as much about what you want as what you need. We may sacrifice one for the other, but I strongly encourage taking the time to decide what the perfect fit is for you. Whether you want to spend your whole paycheck on a bike or scan the used bike ads and save some cash for planting tees, I’m confident the right bicycle is out there waiting for you!


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