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The tentree Guide to Sustainable Outerwear: Part 2

Best in class for you and the planet. Learn what makes our first full outerwear line the most sustainable.

While it’s all too common for a sequel to fall short, we’re more than confident that Part 2 of our outerwear drop will not disappoint — and, dare we say, surpass the first. If you didn’t catch the launch, here’s a quick recap.

We recently released our first full outerwear line and we can’t stop talking about it (and for good reason.) Each jacket in this collection is made from compostable or 99% recycled materials that have been performance tested for best-in-class quality and comfort. We kicked things off with the lighter designs, starting with our Treeline Canvas Jacket and Nimbus Rain Jackets. But now it’s time to bundle up and introduce the warmest jacket that will keep you toasty on those chilly winter days.

We like to think of these jackets as the snowflakes of outerwear. Unique and one-of-a-kind in their sustainable designs and style, you’ll be hard-pressed to find options that prioritize your comfort and the planet the way these pieces do. Made for grabbing a coffee on a cold day,  staying warm après-ski, walking to work, or walking your dog, the Essential Outerwear collection will get you outside whatever the weather, and whatever “outdoors” means to you.

But don’t take our word for it, read on and see for yourself why these pieces are a must-have for your winter wardrobe working our way from lightest to warmest. 

….And if you were wondering already — yes, we have puffers. 


Sustainable Shout Outs For All Our Jackets

We aren’t saying ‘most sustainable’ just for the heck of it. Made with the health of our planet in mind, we’ll start by highlighting the amazing work our product team has done to make our cold-weather jackets the most sustainable.

  • One of our absolute favourite things about these jackets is that the insulation keeping you warm is made from 100% recycled material, and it’s vegan. We’re leaving the ducks alone for this design, and instead of feathers, we’re using PrimaLoft® Down Blends to warm you up. PrimaLoft® is toxin-free, cruelty-free, and made out of recycled water bottles, making it a better choice for the planet and our feathery friends.
  • We didn’t stop at the insulation when it came to using recycled materials. All the way down to the trims, each jacket is made from 99% recycled polyester, specifically from water bottles. We’ve included how many water bottles went into making each individual style in the sections below.
  • As well as being recycled, the fabrics used to make all these jackets are bluesign® Certified. If you’ve seen our rain jackets, you might remember this certification. Basically, it ensures that this textile is sustainably produced from start to finished. The bluesign® system eliminates harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process and ensures that production is safe and environmentally friendly. When you see this certification, you know you are getting a genuinely sustainable product.
  • For these styles, our design team went with YKK NATULON® zippers that are made using recycled materials from post-consumer polyester products. Again, why waste resources when we can just recycle, right?
  • Each jacket also has the PFC-free DWR to keep you dry and keep the environment clean. A DWR finish helps water bead off your jacket. PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) are a class of chemicals often found in commercial DWR coatings. These are of concern because the release of PFCs into the air and water during manufacturing can lead to environmental contamination. These substances aren’t found in nature and persist for hundreds of years before they degrade.

We’re so proud of all these sustainable features that we’ve added a handy little guide on the inside of your jacket. When someone inevitably compliments your jacket, its full sustainable story is there for you to reference and share.


tentree sustainable shout outs


Sustainable, check. The perfect way to elevate your winter style? Don’t even get us started. Now let’s look at each piece individually, and we’ll give you our hot takes on what you’re going to love about these designs.


1. The Men’s Cloud Shirt Jacket

Made from 34 plastic water bottles

tentree men's shirt jacket

Featured: Men’s Cloud Shell Shirt Jacket


Things We Love About It

  • The lightest in the line-up, this stylish shacket pairs perfectly with all your winter looks. Sleek features like matte black buttons elevate you in ways a basic flannel could only dream of. This style also has two pockets conveniently located on the inside to keep your wallet and phone safe from winter frost.

Why You’ll Love It

  • This lightweight option will keep you at the perfect temperature as you head from brunch to the brewery and effortlessly integrates with your existing wardrobe with two staple colours.


2. The Puffers

Packable, bomber, long cut — needless to say, we’ve got you covered when it comes to Puffers. With four different styles, you can’t go wrong with these oh-so-cozy cold-weather coats.


Could Shell Packable Puffers for Men and Women

Made from 33 plastic water bottles for the women’s style and 34 for the men’s.

tentree packable puffers

Featured: Women’s Could Shell Packable Puffer and Men’s Cloud Shell Packable Puffer


Things We Love About Them

  • While it may be a lighter option than some of the puffers below, rest assured no heat is escaping these jackets. Our Packable Puffers are fully lined and designed with an inner elastic at the hem and cuff to keep to the heat in.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Made to go where you do, these jackets are the perfect lightweight travel option. True to their name, the Packable Puffers come with an attached pouch for easy storage. Pack it in your suitcase or throw it in your backpack, and you’re good to go.


Women’s Cloud Shell Bomber Jacket

Made from 24 plastic water bottles

tentree bomber jacket

Featured: Women’s Cloud Shell Bomber Jacket


Things We Love About It

  • The Cloud Shell Bomber Jacket is not only on-trend but has room for your essentials. Phone, wallet, keys, and hands will all be protected from the elements with inside stowaway pockets and soft brushed fleece-lined pockets on the outside. For those extra blustery days, the ribbed collar and cuffs help keep the heat in and the cold out.

Why You’ll Love It

  • With all the coziness of a puffer but with a stylish, slimmer profile, the Bomber is the perfect go-to jacket that doesn’t take up too much real estate in the closet. (For those who like to feel like they’re inside a marshmallow, the jackets for you are below.)


Cloud Shell Mid-Length Unisex Puffer

Made from 67 plastic water bottles

tentree unisex midlength puffer

Featured: Cloud Shell Mid-Length Unisex Puffer


Things We Love About It

  • Not too short and not too long, this is the goldilocks of puffers when it comes to length. Plus, you can’t help but notice the elevated details like the matte black snaps, zippers, and trim that contrasts flawlessly with the coats’ feature colours. This mid-length option has the same pocket features as the Bomber with the added bonus of comfort cuffs and a removable hood for those blissful days when the temperature is low, but the sun is shining.

Why You’ll Love It

  • The oversized silhouette of this unisex jacket is quintessential puffer and is guaranteed to keep you trendy and cozy whether you’re in the city or exploring a winter wonderland. And we’re obsessed with the Mulberry colour that’s exclusive to this jacket.


Women’s Cloud Shell Long Puffer

Made from 78 plastic water bottles

tentree long puffer

Featured: Women’s Cloud Shell Long Puffer


Things We Love About It

  • The next best thing to wearing a sleeping bag, the Long Puffer understood the assignment. This style includes stowaway pockets, fleece-lined pockets, comfort cuffs, and a removable hood. We also made sure you could still move in this longer design by adding snaps on the side and a two-way zipper to make navigating in this style effortless.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Warning: This jacket is so warm and cozy you may turn into a winter person if you weren’t one already. A little extra in all the right ways, this long style has you covered from the waist down and is guaranteed to get you outside no matter the temperature.


3. The Daily Parkas

Made from 63 plastic water bottles for the women’s style and 70 for the men’s

tentree parka

Featured: Men’s Daily Parka and Women’s Daily Parka


Things We Love About Them

Capping off the list, the Parka reigns supreme as our warmest jacket in the collection. We’re talking warm enough for Toronto and Manitoba winters. There are a lot of design call-outs to share, so we’re going to work our way from top to the bottom.

  • The hood is insulated to keep you warm and also designed to give you enough space to wear a toque for those extra chilly days.
  • Both the hood and shoulder seams are critically taped to ensure no snow is getting in at these key spots.
  • A fleece guard zipper ensures your chin is protected and keeps flashbacks to childhood when your parents accidentally zipped you at bay.
  • Inner cuffs help to keep the cold and any snow from crafting the perfect snowball out.
  • Soft brushed fleece-lined pockets await your hands, and stowable inner pockets are the perfect stop to put your mittens when you’re heading inside.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Snow days are welcomed, and negative temperatures can’t phase you when you’re enveloped in this sustainable work of art. Whether you’re out frolicking in the snow or just really like to stay warm when things get frosty, winter is no match for the Daily Parka.


There you have it — our first full Essential Outerwear line. A win-win for you and the planet. And if a collection made from compostable or 99% recycled material wasn’t eco-friendly enough already, don’t forget, as always, each piece you purchase plants ten trees. Outfit yourself for winter and shop the men’s and women’s collections today. Plus get free returns if you run into any sizing issues.


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