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These Dolphin Succulents Are The Latest Indoor Plant Craze

Succulents are one of my favorite plants to grow indoors.

Succulents are one of my favorite plants to grow indoors. Like any plant, they remove particulate pollution from the air and provide the oxygen we need to breathe, but succulents are in a category all of their own in my book.

Succulents are low-maintenance plants. Many of them live naturally in harsh conditions, meaning you can neglect them and they’ll thrive from it. They’re also super easy to propagate, often a cutting in some soil is all that’s needed to grow a new plant.

While you’ve probably seen common succulents, like jade for example, you may not have seen this incredible succulent that’s turning heads all ove rthe world. It’s called a dolphin succulent, and for good reason:

The leaves of this plant, whose actual name is Senecio peregrinus, bear an uncanny resemblance to dolphins. And the neat part about them: the larger they get, the more their leaves start to resemble the aquatic animals.

And like many types of succulents, all that you need to grow one is a single solitary leaf. In some soil kept somewhat damp, it’ll take root and grow into a new plant. You could eventually fill your entire home with these adorable dolphin plants!

They’re worth more than just some pretty green foliage too. They, like many plants, will actually flower too!


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