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Story of a Family Living in a Tiny Off-Grid Cabin

Tom and Sarah are a pretty average couple.

Tom and Sarah are a pretty average couple. Sarah is an illustrator and designer and Tom a medical practitioner. But these two have taken on an unusual lifestyle. When they received news that a baby was on the way, they chose to leave behind their conventional 3 bedroom house and move into an off grid 20-square-metre tiny home.

The couple, with bringing a new child into the world, wanted to live a more sustainable, natural, and holistic way of life. And instead of having to pay rent, they simply work on the owner’s farm in exchange for free lodging.

Tom and Sarah became indoctrinated into the culture of gross excess and consumption, and they wanted out. And it seems risky, but for Sarah and Tom, it was the right choice. They see it as more of an opportunity to break out of cultural norms than a burden.

Often times, instead of vegging out in front of a television, they spend their days working in a garden, putting up new fences, and tending to cattle.

And now, they have even more time to spend with their young daughter, Neesa, and can teach her the ways of a world most of us have forgotten.

Maybe Sarah and Tom are onto something. It might be time to radically rethink the way we live and the priorities we choose to put first.


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