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National Geographic x tentree: This is Home

Help protect our home planet and learn more about our new collection with National Geographic.

With the common goal to protect the planet we call home, we’ve partnered with National Geographic once again for a new collection that shines a spotlight on the ever-important plants, animals, and ecosystems that are essential for the health of our home planet.

For every tree we plant, there are dozens of species that benefit from the food and shelter it helps provide. Drawing inspiration from the National Geographic archives, every design in this collection was painted by hand by our in-house illustrator and features just a few of the countless number of species that benefit from the trees your purchase helps plant.


national geographic x tentree

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Initially founded in 1888, a small group of explorers, scholars, and scientists came together to create a society for “the increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge.” Flash forward through years of exploration, discovery, and growth, today the National Geographic Society is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world working to protect our planet.


national geographic x tentree

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To date, more than 15,000 grants have been provided to support National Geographic Explorers and Explorer-led programs in more than 140 countries. Around the world, National Geographic Explorers are advancing new knowledge and leading conservation programs with outsized impact to protect nature, wildlife, and historical places.

Through this collection, you can help support these Explorers as they document the wonder of our world — including its beauty, mystery, and the threats it faces — and inspire people to care and act on behalf of our planet and its people. To learn more, visit


national geographic x tentree

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Earth is our home, and planting trees is an incredibly effective way we can help protect the longevity of our planet. When we plant trees, we help conserve this incredible habitat, not only for local wildlife and the ecosystem around the world, but for humankind as a whole.

Shop the National Geographic x tentree Collection and help create positive change for the planet.


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By planting ten trees for every item you purchase, it’s our mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. Head to our website to learn more and begin your planting journey with 10% off.


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