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This Is How We Grow

tentree was founded in 2012 by two best friends, David Luba and Kalen Emsley, in Regina, Saskatchewan.

tentree was founded in 2012 by two best friends, David Luba and Kalen Emsley, in Regina, Saskatchewan. The idea was simple – we wanted to plant ten trees for each tentree item purchased. We established a goal of planting 1 billion trees by 2030, but we quickly learned that creating a clothing company in support of the environmental movement needed to go further than just planting trees. We need to be an Earth first brand.


Every day, we are growing and learning more about the environment and the impact we have on it. We are constantly striving to identify ways that we can positively impact the world through every thread of our business. Our rebrand encapsulates our drive to constantly look at ways to improve and brings to life our desire to put the Earth first.

A new look

One of the most frequent questions we have received over the years are, “What does I and O stand for?” It was difficult to recognize that the ten was a 10. Another was, “What tree is that in the 0?” (Answer: The mangrove tree.) The best designed logos are simple, recognizable, and unique, and the original logo design was confusing for some and unnecessarily complicated.

We wanted our new logo to be simpler – something you could close your eyes and draw from memory. Our original logo was difficult to draw from memory, but our new logo is simple and meaningful.


Of course, the new logo needed key elements from nature, so we took inspiration from a tree’s cycle of growth and the cycle of nature. The new logo utilizes the upward growth and the positive impact of trees. The zero embodies the constant circularity within nature and our drive for sustainability. Like a recycling symbol or mobius strip, it’s a constant cycle.

We are also presenting a whole new font and colour palette. The main brand colors we’ve chosen are all inspired by colours in the world. These earthy hues that naturally paint our landscapes are used throughout our new branding. In terms of typography, we chose a font that’s timeless and classic, but with distinct strokes. We wanted a look that our customers would be proud and excited to wear.

An additional element we have included in our new branding was a new alphabet out of trees. We took inspiration from the trees with no two are alike! Each brushstroke tree represents the uniqueness of the company and each of our supporters. The brush stroke texture and feel represents our individual imperfections and the rustic outdoorsy lifestyle that we’re all about.

The road to 1 billion trees



Our promise is not changing—it’s growing. Our goal has always been to plant 1 billion trees and it still is, but we are constantly looking at ways to reach that goal faster and making it more accessible to be apart of the tree planting process. In the past, the way we’ve planted trees has been through the purchase of a tentree item, but in the last year, we’ve begun to explore new ways to plant trees, through marketing campaigns and corporate sponsorships.

The Double Tap to Plant campaign was our first ever opportunity to have tree planting accessible to the public. Earth Week resulted in over 15 million social media users actively helping to spread our mission to plant more trees.

Our partnership with Stanley Park Brewing, where ten trees are planted for every six pack of Reforest Hazy IPA purchased, will result in planting 170,000 trees in British Columbia in an effort to reforest burned areas. Through these campaigns and partnerships we are bringing a larger community of individuals by making tree planting more accessible, to be apart of the environmental movement.

There isn’t just one path to sustainability

We’ve recognized that making incremental improvements causes a ripple effect. Continuing our promise to plant ten trees for each item purchased sustains our goal of reforesting the planet, but we can’t just leave it there. We will continue to invest in cutting-edge sustainable technologies and materials to challenge the standards of the fashion industry.



You can learn more about how we did it here.

Most buttons on garments sold today are made from plastic – we have challenged the industry to do better by using buttons made of coconut instead. Most brands don’t plant any trees – we challenge the industry by proving that you can plant trees and still have a successful, growing company. It isn’t a hindrance to be an Earth first apparel brand, but an obligation.

The small, positive choices we make can lead to a better, kinder, healthier planet. The seemingly small eco conscious decisions we make add up and have a profound impact on the world. As a brand, we want to encourage and celebrate those small acts.

The small changes you make, even if you don’t stick to them perfectly, contributes to something so much larger when multiplied by thousands if not millions of people. It’s important that you don’t beat yourself up if you forget your reusable bag once or have to purchase a single-use bottle of water.


Thank you.

To our supporters who have been with us since we began in 2012 to those joining our journey today, we want to express our sincerest gratitude. Together, we have planted more than 35 million trees, and that wouldn’t have been possible without your support. While we are always changing and growing, we will always be committed to better serve you and the planet.

Big change starts small.


Tree Talk

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