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Tips for Moving Your Body From Home

Get inspired to get moving.

Finding the motivation to work out and move our bodies can be difficult when it’s still cold outside, but even just a few minutes of movement a day can help us reconnect to ourselves and bring us into the present moment. So as the new year begins, we’re resolved to incorporate movement into each day — whatever that looks like.

To ensure we keep this commitment, we’re embracing the ease of moving our bodies at home. Whether it’s a quick sun salutation in the bedroom or a HIIT workout over lunch, we’re taking away the pressure of making it to the gym or a class to make our movement “count.”


move your body

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We caught up with Andrea Barber (she/her), founder of A Few Fun Moves, to talk about movement from home. A Few Fun Moves is an online workout platform dedicated to helping you move for yourself, at your own pace, when and how it feels right for you. A firm believer in finding your groove and remembering that movement for you can be anything, Andrea shared some tips on finding the best way to move your body from home.


Tips on How to Move Your Body From Home


1. Pick something you are excited to do (most of the time)

Find out what time genuinely works best for you, and mark it in your calendar. Are you a morning person? Mud-day lunch break? After work? The beauty of having access to our workouts anytime, anywhere is that you get to do it when it’s convenient for you.


morning movement routine


2. Find some gear that makes you feel good

Think comfortable, sustainable if possible, and clothing that won’t get in your way when you’re moving. Lately, I’ve been loving the InMotion High Rise Legging paired with the Double Scoop Bra.


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3. Be realistic about your attention span

Forcing yourself to do an hour-long workout from home and hating it? Or focused on 30min workouts? At AFFM, we have lots of workout lengths to suit your needs and attention span. 35-45min is my fave length of time for at-home workouts.


move your body at home


4. Find yourself a movement buddy

This could be someone in your household or a virtual pal. If it’s a virtual pal, commit to doing it at the same time, and try FaceTiming during your workouts.


move your body

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5. Invest in wireless headphones

I know they can be pricey, but I think they help you stay focused, in the zone, and in your neighbour’s good books.


Finding the right way to move your body takes time and lots of trial and error. Here’s some at-home movement inspo (aside from AFFM, of course) to help you with your movement journey.

Kendra Coupland: for reconnecting with yourself through yoga and meditation

SELF’s HIIT Workouts: for an indoor cardio blast

Handstand Tutorial: for building strength in an unconventional way

The Class by Taryn Toomey: for a full body (and mind) workout that will leave you feeling like a new person

Booty by Mich: for a blend of booty-building pilates and buttery yoga-inspired flows

Formation Studio: to learn some new dance moves and release your inner music-video-dancer


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