Top 10 Things To Do In Oahu, Hawaii (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of the top 10 things to do in Oahu, Hawaii.

Welcome to part 2 of the top 10 things to do in Oahu, Hawaii. We couldn’t narrow it down to 10, so here is 11-20 🙂

1) Plate Lunch @ Blazing Steaks

This plate may look pretty simple but they are an amazing dish that locals love. It’s a great option if you’re trying to stay healthy on the trip!

2) Acai Bowls @ Diamond Head Health Bar

After trying Acia bowls all over Oahu, we can promise you that no one does it better. It’s worth the extra drive time to make it down to the Diamond Head Health Bar for an extremely healthy and tasty treat made fresh in Hawaii 🙂

3) Helicopter Tour

If you are looking to go on a helicopter tour of Oahu then go with the guys who will give you the best views. Sunrise is the best time and we recommend using Novictor Aviation. If you do take the 1.5 hour ride around the island, make sure you let them know tentree recommended you and ask for a deal 😉 This ride ran us around $275 per person.

4) Olomana Three Peaks

5) Sacred Falls

There is much controversy as to whether or not to attempt this hike. We know people who have gotten tickets on the trail for $500US but when we went, there was no law enforcement present. The hike has been illegal for years as a result of a 1999 Mother’s day landslide that killed 8 people and injured 50 others. Rocks still fall in the valley and there is always a risk of getting hit. If you do this hike, be aware of the risks.

6) Makapu

7) Sandies Beach *be careful it is shore break waves aka breakneck beach

This is a beautiful beach and an awesome place to try surfing or boogie boarding. If you’re looking to relax and get some sun, this is the place for you :). Be respectful though as this is a beach meant for locals.

8) Rent Mopeds

Mopeds are a common way of transportation in Hawaii. They are super handy and fun to ride around on, but you can’t take them on any of the major highways. If you’re looking to beach hop or explore Waikiki for a day, they’re a great option.

9) Lanikai

This picture speaks for itself.

10) Kapena Falls

(Look closely and you can see someone jumping in the top right). This is a great cliff jump spot that is easy to access and high enough to give you a real adrenalin rush! Make sure you don’t jump to the left though, it gets pretty shallow over there.

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