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Want To Celebrate World Wildlife Day? Here’s How

6 practical ways that you can celebrate and protect people, wildlife and the planet on World Wildlife Day (and every other day of the year).
WRITTEN BY Tayllor Henczel

When it comes to living sustainably, big change starts small. As we look at how to celebrate World Wildlife Day (the UN-appointed day to celebrate and advocate for the planet and the plants, animals and humans that live on it), the World Wildlife Day website has tons of ideas. 

We’re a huge fan of their #DoOneThingToday campaign—here are six suggestions they have on how you can #DoOneThingToday to make a difference and support wildlife conservation. 

  • Set a goal: pick small, tangible ways that you can live your daily life with the smallest negative impact on the environment, wildlife, their habitats, or the planet’s biodiversity. That includes all kinds of environmental-ish living, like riding your bike or taking transit, saying “no” to single use plastic when you can, or buying organic produce.
  • Consume responsibly: what you purchase matters. By avoiding products that aren’t sourced ethically or made from illegally sourced wildlife, you can help defund wildlife trafficking and protect the health of ecosystems globally. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Make your purchases count by buying products that are ethically sourced and made, or that give back to the planet (pssst, our Australia Collection does both).
  • Volunteer: you may not be able to give money, but donating your time can be invaluable. You could join a beach cleanup, volunteer with a zoo, wildlife organization or tree planting non-profit, become a trekking guide, work at a community garden—honestly, the opportunities are endless.
  • Stay informed: learn more about our planet’s plant and wildlife, especially at risk and endangered species. Research ways that you or your community can conserve and protect local wildlife. Stay in the loop with current environmental matters and be mindful of your impact on ecosystems and wildlife. 
  • Reach out: you don’t have to do this alone! Reach out to local authorities if you have any info on illegal logging, fishing and wildlife trafficking. Keeping your eyes open can make a huge difference in detecting wildlife crimes and holding criminal smugglers accountable.

Together, we can all take small environmental-ish steps to make big changes for our planet.


Want to learn more about how our tree planting and sustainability projects align with World Wildlife Day? We break it down here.


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