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7 Sustainable Ways To Welcome Spring At Home

It’s time to restart and refresh. Spring is just around the corner, and we’re celebrating this seasonal transition at home.

The days are getting longer, and the sun’s getting warmer. Spring is just around the corner, and we’re ready for a fresh start. The calendar may say it’s still winter, but we’re already welcoming spring by refreshing the energy in our homes as winter slowly fades. Below we share a few easy ways to celebrate this seasonal transition sustainably in your space.


1. Spring clean

Spring is a great time to open the windows and dust off the winter cobwebs. Set aside a weekend morning to tackle all the nooks and crannies you’d usually skip in your weekly clean. As spring flowers bloom, we’re inspired to keep our spring clean green this year. Check out our list of easy, eco-friendly cleaning recipes that you can make at home.




2. Transition your closet

The warmer temperatures are our cue to start putting away our chunky wool knits and pulling out our lighter spring pieces. Take time to mindfully transition your closet from winter to spring. 

First, start by stowing away your winter staples. Next, slowly begin exchanging items to create a wardrobe that can transition with you into spring. For example, swap out a long-sleeved winter shirt for a light jacket that you can layer with a t-shirt. These kinds of looks are perfect for spring days that start out chilly but turn balmy by the afternoon.

If you’ve ever been curious about trying to create a capsule wardrobe, this is the perfect time of year to do it. To get started, check out the pieces we’re building our spring capsule wardrobe with this year


Featured: Perfect for your next adventure warm weather or just strolling around town, our Extended Should Tank paired with the Instow Short is an easy, elevated look that’s also planet-friendly.

In our new men’s and women’s spring collection, you’ll find some hard-working sustainable basics that will carry you from season to season and last for years to come. And don’t forget — if you have tentree items you’re no longer wearing, you can return them for free through our Circularity by tentree program and receive rewards that can be used towards your next purchase.


3. Plant wildflowers for the bees

By now, we all know that the bees are struggling, and their populations are in decline. You may not realize it, but one in three bites of food we take is thanks to pollinators like bees. Their disappearance would have a severe impact on plants and crops around the world. The good news is spring offers the perfect opportunity to lend a helping hand. This year, add some wildflower seeds to your cart when you head to the garden store. Before your visit, do a little research to learn what wildflowers are native to your area.



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4. Choose a fresh scent

As the days get longer and lighter, the need for warm comforting scents like spiced pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon slowly begins to fade. We recommend replacing your favourite eco-friendly winter candles and essential oils with lighter scents more in tune with spring. Aromas of eucalyptus, bergamot and lavender will help shake off your winter hibernation.


5. Look for new recipes

Hearty soups, winter chilis, and countless loaves of sourdough — you’ve served us well, but it’s time to make room for some lighter fare. Inspire your palette by looking for new recipes that include swiss chard, spinach, arugula, and other spring produce. Bitter greens are ideal for helping lift any lingering heaviness from winter. Here’s a favourite recipe of ours to get you started.



Featured: French Lentil and Bitter Green Salad by The Simple Veganista


6. Pick up a new book

We’re firm believers that every season needs a good book unfolding in the background. Refresh your reading list and pick up a new book as spring approaches. As the natural world wakes up around us, it’s easy to feel inspired and pulled to protect it. With this in mind, our book of choice this spring is On Time and Water by Andri Snaer Magnason.


l W

Based on interviews and advice from leading glacial, ocean, climate, and geographical scientists, and interwoven with personal, historical, and mythological stories, Magnason’s resulting response is a rich and compelling work of narrative nonfiction that illustrates the reality of climate change and offers hope in the face of an uncertain future.

Check out our spring recommended reading list for other titles we’re loving.


7. Add some colour

Finally, whether it’s switching out heavier winter bedsheets for something lighter, featuring a bouquet of local (sustainably harvested) flowers on your table or adding a vibrant pillow to your living room, a fresh pop of colour can help bring the vibrancy of outside indoors.




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