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We're Planting Trees In Canada And The United States! Here's How You Can Get Involved

If you follow the news at all, you might get the impression that Canada and the United States are more divided than ever.

If you follow the news at all, you might get the impression that Canada and the United States are more divided than ever. In light of Canada Day and Independence Day, we see an opportunity for both countries to come together to make a positive impact.  By purchasing an item, you are able to plant 10 trees in either Canada or the US. Together, all of US CAN help contribute to a brighter tomorrow.


Our better together collection is inspired by, and dedicated to, the beautiful landscapes of our home countries. This new capsule features two graphics that feature monumental geographical locations from both Canada and the United States.

The river graphic

This design features iconic landscapes from the United States and Canada, joined by descriptions of each landmark that make a river, joining our two countries together. The river provides facts about where each site is, how tall the mountains are, as well as fun facts about each location.


The together graphic

The together graphic shows two iconic landmarks from USA and Canada, Peyto Lake, located in Alberta, Canada and the Half Dome at Yosemite in the United States. Together, forming one united mountain range signifying our togetherness among nations.


Planting local!

The trees from our better together collection will be planted throughout Canada and the United States. By helping us plant a variety of native tree species, you will be contributing to the restoration of forest health, protecting important habitats, and helping endangered tree species recover.

For example, we will be planting white oak trees in Oregon, which have been depleted of important resources like sunlight and nutrients due to flourishing dominant species. But get this… white oak trees have a fire-resistant bark, meaning they are able to survive exposure to wildfire! As such, they are integral to protecting the health of forests in Oregon, as well as the local wildlife like woodpeckers, owls, and squirrels.

Want to learn more about the trees we’re planting? Check out our North American planting sites here.


Get involved on social media using #AllofUSCAN

This collection is about more than just planting trees. Together, we want to generate the conversation around how we can help to protect and rebuild nature. Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using #AllofUSCAN to tell us how all of us can make a positive change to rebuild nature. Enter to win a $50 gift code by using #AllofUSCAN on social now!

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