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Where To See Fall Leaves In Colorado

Colorado is to many the ultimate outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

Colorado is to many the ultimate outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. It’s also a paradise for people who love fall colors. Throughout the state are countless wonderful places to see the leaves change. These are a few of our favorite places to see the fall leaves in Colorado.

Looking for places more distant to enjoy the changing of the leaves? Here are 10 of the best places to see the leaves change this fall.

Pikes Pea

Pikes Peak and the surrounding Pike National Forest is your place to go if aspen trees are your jam. Take the cog railway from Manitou Springs to the top of Pikes Peak in the autumn for laid back, fun leaf viewing. There are also countless hiking trails throughout the region.

Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road boasts being the highest altitude road that’s continuously paved in North America. It will tkae you through Rocky Mountain National Park, leading to a maximum elevation of 12,183 feet. It’s an excellent drive to take for seeing the changing of the leaves.

Maroon bells

The Maroon Bells are probably the mountains that come to mind when you think ‘Colorado Rockies.’ These two massive, 14,000 foot mountains are among the most photographed peaks on Earth and are surrounded by White River National Forest. There are countless hiking trails that give you views of yellow and golden aspen trees among others.

La Veta

La Veta pass, located in southern Colorado, has some of the most scenic drives in the entire state and is great for fall leaf viewers.The Spanish Peaks and Sangre de Cristo Mountains loom over deep canyons and rolling foothills that are covered in evergreen forests. But these forests have splatters of yellows and golds in the fall thanks to the aspen trees that grow within them.


Aspen trees themselves are beautiful in the fall, with their leaves turning a bright yellow color. So it goes without saying that a city named after this splendid tree is probably a great place to see the leaves fall. The leaf changing season in Aspen is brief due to its high altitude. The first week of October is the best time to visit to view the changing of the leaves.

Washington Park, Denver

Last up on our list is the perfect spot for city dwellers looking for a taste of nature and fall foliage. Washington park is a large park that features two lakes, two flower gardens, and a two mile running path that is lined with trees, many of which turn vibrant colors each autumn. You could spend an entire day in this park!


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