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Why We Need Your Help To Make The World's Most Eco-Progressive Backpack

Meet the Mobius backpack.

Meet the Mobius backpack. Ingredients include 31 plastic *bottles thanks to our partners at REPREVE®,* BUNCHES of algae foam, factory refuse, and giant leaps in the right direction. It’s a new chapter in tentree’s book in sustainable living.

tentree has always designed products built around consumers who trek, track, and trail the corners of the world as their monday to friday. So how do we build a product that embraces the human desire to pack and venture while still progressing our initiative to be the most environmentally progressive brand?

This is where the Mobius came in. Joey Pringle, our accessories designer extraordinaire, came up with the product that not only uses sustainable material in the main body of a backpack, but also in the minor parts such as the clips, straps, and buckles. What you will be getting is what we’ve been building toward all along—a backpack designed and constructed with sustainably sourced materials, and can still take you from city to sky.

The 4-in-1 backpack offers freedom to go from netflix to camping in the mountains. The multi-litreage (16L to 35L) system, and the protected front pocket sets you up for winning in all aspects of your life.

Use the Mobius as:

  • daily commuter backpack
  • day trip backpack
  • weekend getaway backpack
  • carry-on backpack

REPREVE®: Giving plastic bottles a second chance in the Mobius

Working with REPREVE®, a fibre made from recycled plastic bottles31 bottles to be exact, the polyester blend of the Mobius is a durable and sustainable construction. The bottles would have been cluttering landfills, and instead found new life in the fabric of the Mobius.

With REPREVE® the Mobius is an eco-gift that keeps on giving:

  • *45% energy conserved
  • *20% less water used

*30% less CO2 emitted
*compared to a regular backpack made of virgin polyester

Algae: from pond to backpack

But the piece de resistance comes from what we stuffed insideAlgae. Algae foam to be exact. We tend to think of algae as the nasty green slime that mucked up the fish tank water in Finding Nemo (and thus, emboldening their almost escape). And we’d be right. But while they could be considered a masterful stroke of genius to free exotic sea creatures from the banal confines of dentist offices, to the rest of the environment, algae bloom in access can be extremely toxic. BLOOM solves this by harvesting the algae excess clogging the waterways, and then recirculating the clean water back into the environment.

The algae bloom is then made into performance foam that pads the lining in the Mobius. Protecting your gear in the greenest way possible—by protecting the waterways at the same time.

BLOOM x Mobius

  • One Mobius backpack with BLOOM foam helps returns 293 bottles of filtered water back into the environment (based on 500mL bottles)
  • 27 balloons of CO2 prevented from entering the atmosphere  (based on 11” balloons)

Why the Mobius is so important
The Mobius backpack is currently being funded on Kickstarter, and we knocked our initial goal of $35 000 out of the park within an hour. This incredible response let us know that the world is excited for more sustainable products that push eco-progressive boundaries. By supporting the Mobius, you’re showing the industry that there is room for responsible apparel and accessories, and that it is important to demand it.

We at tentree don’t just want to be part of that movement, but we want to be the ones who start it. So if being with us at the forefront sounds awesome, support us! Head on over to our Kickstarter, and by being part of our journey, you’ll get the Mobius before everyone else, and at the most affordable price.

BUT THERE’S ONLY 7 DAYS LEFT TO GO, SO HURRY! The campaign ends Sept 19, 2018.


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