You Have To Experience Kauai - Hawaii's Sea Glass Beach

Sea glass can be found on practically every beach in the world.

Sea glass can be found on practically every beach in the world. It’s made by the movement of water over broken glass, mostly from garbage that’s been dumped. It takes about 30 years for the oceans to turn car windshields, bottles, etc., from garbage into smooth little collectible gems.

Sea glass is difficult to find in some areas. But, on Kauai’s Glass Beach, it’s everywhere! Wherever you look you see tiny green, brown, blue, and clear glass treasures!

The reasons there is so much seaglass found on this particular beach is because of it being near an industrial area of Hanapepe Bay close to Port Allen Harbor in Ele’ele on Kauai.

There is also an unusual geological phenomenon near the beach known as the Swiss Cheese Shoreline. Waves throw the glass against the lava rock shoreline smashing the glass to bits and creating all of the sea glass.

Like all glass beaches, there is much less seaglass now than there was decades ago due to people collecting it. You can still find it if you visit the beach, though!

Glass Beach is not easy to find, however. It isn’t listed in guide books and there are no signs to point you in the right direction. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find a kind local to show you the way.

Because of its industrialized history, it’s not advised that you go swimming at Glass Beach. It’s severely polluted. The ocean floor leading to the beach is also rock bottom, which means a really hard fall if a wave knocks you down!

Please be kind and allow future generations to witness this beautiful beach by not taking pockets full of sea glass home with you. Instead, take plenty of photos to remember it by!

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