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Your Guide to Experiential Gifting

Gifts that give.

Give your loved ones and the planet a present by reducing your consumption and gifting an experience. Check out this guide for 16 fun experiential gift ideas for any and all of the people in your life.


Why Experiential Gifting?

Christmas is such a special holiday to relax and spend time with family and loved ones. Unfortunately, this time of year takes a toll on our planet with large increases in waste and per capita carbon emissions. Experiential gifting is an amazing way to cut down on consumption, spend quality time with the people you love and try new things. Here’s some experiential gifting inspiration for the different people on your list:


For the Sporty Adventurer

1. Bungee Jumping or Ziplining

  • Both Bungee Jumping and Ziplining are perfect gifts for your adrenaline-seeking friends. Find the nearest location and make a day trip out of this exciting adventure. Be there for peer support, or take the jump too.


2. Watch a Sports Game

  • Cheer on a friend’s favourite sports team playing at a nearby stadium. Grab a beer and snacks at the sports center or a meal and drinks before or after the game. You can even dress up together in the team’s colours.


3. Plan a Hike

  • Has your friend been raving about a new hike they want to try? Plan a whole day expedition. Make a fun playlist to listen to on your drive to and from the hiking location, and pack their favourite snacks and a meal to eat once you reach the peak of the hike. You can also bring a camera to document all the stunning views.


experiential gifting


For the Wellness Lover

1. Massage or Facial

  • Give your friends or family a chance to unwind and relax with a massage or facial. There are so many options – couples massage, stone massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture facials or full facials. This gift is an amazing way to foster self-care and quiet time for your hard-working loved ones.


2. Yoga Classes

  • Help your friends reconnect and reground with a yoga class. This could be one class, a set of drop-in classes or a weekend workshop. This gift is great for both beginners and more advanced folks. There is a range of classes that can be taken, from hot yoga to flow yoga or prenatal, to accommodate different needs or goals.


3. Bath Balm and Bath Tea DIY Kits

  • Give the gift of homemade DIY self-care. Uncommon Goods and Green Tea Beauty both have great low-waste options for DIY kits you can make with a friend. Make a relaxing day out of it by drinking some delicious tea and listening to calming music or a podcast.


experiential gifting


For the Creative

1. Jewelry Making Class

  • There are a ton of fun and unique courses for jewelry making – from beading to glass blowing, silversmithing or clay jewelry. If there are no classes nearby, make an at-home jewelry course. Find online video tutorials, get some supplies and get making.


2. Poetry Readings

  • Check out local restaurants or theatres for amazing poetry or spoken word shows. Look for events like local open mic nights, and slam poetry performances, or you can see if a friend’s favourite poet is visiting a nearby theatre. Going to these shows can be accompanied by dinner, drinks and dressing up for a fun, classy evening.


3. DIY Craft Kits

  • There are SO many amazing craft kits out there for your creative friends – from knitting to painting, pottery, candle making, origami and woodwork. We love Eco-Friendly Crafts embroidery and knitting kits, Sculpd pottery and candle-making kits, and We Are Knitters petite point kits.


4. Museum Membership

  • Does your friend or a family member have a favourite museum or art gallery that they rave about? Get them a membership so they can visit at any time of the year and even get special previews of exhibitions or discounts on classes or gift shops.


5. Pottery Class

  • Pottery classes are a fun way to try a new medium and come home with a usable item like a mug, bowl, or jewelry holder. Classes often range from beginner to advanced and can come in many forms like date night workshops, single classes or multi-week workshops. Rather than making pottery, painting pre-made ceramics is also a fun option for both kids and adults.


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For the Foodie

1. Try a New Restaurant

  • Take your friend or family out for a breakfast, lunch or dinner date. To switch things up, try eating somewhere they have never been before. You can always try one place for appys, another for dinner and a third for drinks. This fun experience can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like and will please any foodie.


2. Cooking Class

  • Does your friend have a favourite cuisine? Something they have never tried cooking? Take a class. There are day classes or weekly classes offered at many cooking schools. If you can’t go to in-person cooking classes, get your friend some ingredients and try an online cooking class or use online tutorial videos for fun new recipes.


3. Wine, Beer or Cider Tasting

  • Bring your favourite foodie to a drink tasting. This is such a great way to try new drinks, learn about drink and food pairings and support local wineries and breweries.


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For the Music Lover

1. Concerts

  • Whether at a large stadium or a small neighbourhood cafe, there are a ton of live music events to bring your music-loving friend. Head to a live music restaurant and grab a meal, to a fun jazz bar or to a stadium show.


2. Online music classes

  • Music classes are an amazing way for music lovers to pursue their passion. This could be through 1v1 lessons with an instructor, group classes or purchasing tutorials or memberships to tutorial sites. Check out VSO School of Music for group and individual classes for ages 0-55.


experiential gifting


These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg for experiential gifting. Continue brainstorming about how to take the things your friends and family members love and make them into a special experience to share together. These gifts are such a lovely way to have quality time and connection with those around you while doing something kind for the planet.


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