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10 Essential Items For A Plastic Free Kitchen

Your kitchen is the room where you’ll find a lot of plastic items.

Your kitchen is the room where you’ll find a lot of plastic items. Spatulas, sponges, wraps – all made of plastic. But there are plenty of non-plastic alternatives to these items. These 10 essential items for a plastic free kitchen will help you take your first steps away from plastic.

Metal straws

Drinking a cold drink from a straw on a hot summer day sounds so relaxing, but what about all of the plastic that gets wasted? Hundreds of thousands of single use straws are wasted every single day. Why be a part of that? It turns out, you don’t have to be. Grab a pack of metal straws to use instead of plastic ones! That’s one plastic item off your list.

Reusable coffee filters

We here at tentree are avid coffee drinkers. I can’t imagine where we’d be without our reusable coffee filters! Reusable coffee filters reduce quite a bit of use over time, but if you really are stuck with the paper filters, buy the non-bleached kind. They compost much easier!


Most sponges are designed for a handful of uses and then wind up being tossed out. Did you know these sponges are mostly made of plastic? That’s just more plastic heading right to the dump. Instead of using sponges to wash dishes, try using a cloth of some kind. These cloths can simply be washed when they get too dirty to continue on. No plastic waste involved!

Beeswax wrap

Beeswax wraps are an awesome alternative to plastic cling wrap in the kitchen. These wraps are made of cotton, bees wax, jojoba oil, and usually a tree resin. These wraps cling the same way that plastic wrap does but can simply be washed and reused.

Mason jars

What can’t a mason jar do? You can pickle foods, store your leftovers, or even just have a nice drink of water from them. Mason jars are your go-to for storing foods that you might otherwise place in plastic containers. They can be used over and over again for years on end if you take care of them!

Wooden spoons and spatulas

Spatulas and other cooking utensils are often made from some kind of plastic. Even metal spatulas typically have plastic handles to prevent heat from being conducted up the handle and burning your hand. But wooden alternatives to spatulus, spoons, and other utensils are also available!

Cloth towels

Paper towels aren’t exactly a plastic item, but with few exceptions, your fresh roll of paper towels comes in a single-use plastic wrap. Instead of buying roll after roll of paper towels and then throwing away the plastic they come in, grab a stack of cloth towels to use for cleaning and table use instead. These cloth towels can be used over and over again, just wash when dirty!

Glass soap dispenser

Getting liquid soap without plastic is a challenge. Our best recommendation is to find a place locally that sells bulk amounts of liquid soap and then filling your own container. What you should definitely avoid is purchasing single-use plastic soap dispensers. Grab yourself a nice glass one and refill it instead!

Cloth food sacks

Plastic sandwich bags are so easy to use. That said, they’re not easy to reuse. You technically can wash them and use them again but it can be a challenge. Instead, pick yourself up some cloth food sacks. These are similar to sandwich bags and ideal for dry snacks. Wetter foods should be stored in another container, like a mason jar.

Stainless steel bowls

Mason jars can’t store everything. Sometimes, larger items need a larger container. Keeping stainless steel bowls and a set of larger beeswax wraps handy can cut out the need for big plastic containers. Perfect if you often have a lot of leftovers!


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