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tentree Joins The Trillion Tree Movement

We’ve pledged to plant 1 billion trees by 2030 and support the global movement to protect our planet.

Call us ahead of our time, but putting the planet first has always been the way we do business. As a tree planting company that sells apparel, we used to be a bit of an anomaly in the business world when it came to our planet-first ways. But as the earth’s temperature continues to rise, we’re seeing more and more companies adapting and evolving the way they do business in response to climate change.

This is great news, because we all know we go further together. We’re excited to see more companies starting their sustainability journey and doing their part to help protect our planet. A perfect example of this growing collective effort is the Trillion Tree Movement. We’re one of the first companies to join this global movement that’s stepping up to conserve, restore, and grow healthy and resilient forests.


Get to know

Launched in January of 2020, is the World Economic Forum’s Trillion Tree Platform. is part of the World Economic Forum’s efforts to accelerate nature-based solutions and was set up to support the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030.


The rise of nature-based solutions was launched to support the growing momentum around nature-based solutions, to mobilize the global restoration community, and to empower anyone who wants to play a part.

With the clock ticking as we race to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, there’s a new pressure on businesses to act on climate change like never before. It’s no longer enough for them to try and minimize the negative impact of their operations; there’s now a responsibility to provide regenerative solutions that do good for our planet.


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The launch of pledges

For companies that are committed to using their businesses as a vehicle for change, offers them the opportunity to pledge towards conserving, restoring and growing trees and forests over the coming decade. Through, companies can commit to undertaking actions that are ecologically and socially responsible, while reporting on their progress annually.


tentree’s pledge

It’s long been our goal to plant one billion trees by 2030, and this year, we locked this commitment in on the global stage. We’re excited to announce our pledge of one billion trees by 2030.

To provide some perspective, here’s what planting one billion trees equates to:

  • Up to 250 million tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere
  • 10 million hours of forestry-related work to provide jobs to local communities
  • 100,000 hectares of land reforested (equal to 240,000 football fields)
  • Greater ecosystem health around the world
  • Recharged global groundwater, anchored, fertile soil and additional flood barriers




Although we’re counting trees, it’s also important that we ensure we’re having the greatest impact by planting the right trees in the right places. As part of our pledge, the trees we plant will also help address different UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals that are a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.”

Here are the SDGs that we’re already addressing with different planting projects.

SDG1 No Poverty and SDG2 Zero Hunger — Supporting agroforestry projects in Senegal contribute to food security and economic development.

SDG13 Climate Action and SDG14 Life Below Water — Planting mangrove trees in Madagascar provides a natural infrastructure to protect against storm surges and helps regenerate the local infrastructure for aquaculture and marine life

SDG15 Life on Land — Restoration projects in the Andes support water conservation.

We were part of the first wave of companies to join this global movement to protect and strengthen our forests and collectively work towards restoring and growing 1 trillion trees by 2030.

At the Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact Summit this September, over 20 other companies pledged alongside us to conserve, restore and grow more than 2.5 billion trees in over 50 countries.


Why plant one trillion trees? is echoing what we’ve known to be true about trees and forests for some time now — trees are a critical part of the solution to the climate crisis and biodiversity collapse.




Forests harbor 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, and are a treasure trove of innovation and a source of subsistence, medicine and survival for 350 million people. Our ability to thrive depends on forests, but forests are under immense threat. Globally, we continue to lose 15 billion trees every year.

Commitment and action from corporations are critical if we’re going to reverse deforestation and reach the scale of change the planet needs. By making our pledge we’re showing our commitment to continue planting trees and fighting for our planet in the decades ahead.


Terms to know

Nature-based solutions
Nature-based solutions or natural climate solutions are actions that protect, transform or restore land. Preventing deforestation, reforestation and ecosystem restoration are all great examples of nature-based solutions. Not only do these actions sequester carbon, but they also help create other positive impacts for the earth, like water and biodiversity conservation, aid to vulnerable communities around the world, and enhanced food security.


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By planting ten trees for every item you purchase, it’s our mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. Head to our website to learn more and begin your planting journey with 10% off.


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