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10 Fun Things To Do In November

Fall isn’t quite over and the holiday season hasn’t quite begun, and that leaves us with a lot of time and good weather ahead to get outside and enjoy the month of November.

Fall isn’t quite over and the holiday season hasn’t quite begun, and that leaves us with a lot of time and good weather ahead to get outside and enjoy the month of November. During November, we “fall back” into Daylight Savings Time and people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving. But there’s a lot more to do in November than adjust your clocks and stuff yourself on stuffing. Here are 10 fun things to do in November.

Go for a hike

The weather is getting cooler and by now, most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, but that doesn’t mean that your local hiking trails are any less enjoyable! Whether November brings you crisp, sunny days or cold, cloudy days, this is one of the best months to go hiking.

But before you hit the trail, take into consideration a few things like the day’s weather and what kind of gear you’ll need to hike comfortably. Need some pointers? Check out our guide on what to wear on a November hike.

Decorate your home

With the weather turning colder and, in many places, more rainy and snowy, we find ourselves stuck inside a little more than we like to be. But there are tons of fun activities to do indoors that bring the color and liveliness of nature to our doorsteps.

Decorating your home for fall and winter can be as easy as collecting some pinecones, placing some festive candles and tablecloths about, and one of our favorite activities – preserving fall leaves!

Find a volunteer opportunity

Fall and winter are beautiful times of year, but for the neediest among us, they can be very challenging. Staying fed, keeping your home warm, and making the holidays fun and festive can be very difficult for needy families. During this time, many not for profit food distribution centers are in desperate need of extra help. While your options for enjoying time outdoors become limited during this time of year, the options for volunteering your time are nearly limitless.

Consider the kind of positive impact you want to have on your community and begin searching around for volunteer opportunities.

Host a bonfire

In most of the Northern Hemisphere, evenings in November are pretty cold. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and enjoy the crispness with your friends! Hosting a bonfire is a fun way to clear a little bit of unwanted brush from your property, plus you can make s’mores!

Of course, when enjoying a fire, always play it on the safe side. Even though it’s November, that doesn’t mean wildfires can’t exist. Before you burn, take a look at our guide for preventing forest fires.

Go for a bike ride

It may be colder outside but that doesn’t mean you’re hanging up your bicycle for the season! Riding your bike is a fun and pollution-free way to enjoy the outdoors. Pick quieter neighborhoods with lots of deciduous trees along the streets for the full fall experience while riding your bike.

We do realize that in some places, the leaves are gone and things are starting to get snowy! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 tips for safely biking during winter weather.

Rake your leaves

This sounds like a chore! How is it that raking leaves wind up on a list of “fun” things to do?

It doesn’t matter how grown up we become, one of our favorite things about trees are all of the crunchy leaves that drop during fall. And what do we do with those leaves? Rake them into a pile and jump in them! And once you’ve finished with all your leaf jumping fun, think about some eco-friendly ways to dispose of them.

Leaving some of your tree’s leaves around your yard can actually be very beneficial for the environment. The leaves provide much needed habitat to local insects and wildlife who use them for protection against the cold winter months, and as they break down, your leaves will enrich the soil in your yard!

Prepare your garden

By now, your lovely garden is probably ready to enter its winter dormancy. It’s time to prepare your garden for spring! Before you go ripping out all the brittle stems and cleaning out the old flowers, consider leaving them there for the winter.

Things like leaves and old plants are very useful for local wildlife. Some animals will use your leafy detritus as food and burrowing material, and insects like bumblebees need plant litter in order to nest and survive the winter. If you need to, cut back or lay down the dead plants in your garden, but do your best to leave them in place!

Clean out your closet

The changing of the seasons is an excellent time to check out your wardrobe and consider giving up some items that you aren’t really wearing anymore. Are there any shirts, pants, or other garments made for summer that you didn’t wear this year? Do you intend to wear them again in the future? If the answer is no, consider donating them to a charity second-hand shop. Giving your clothes new life is more eco-friendly than letting them sit unused!

Visit a pumpkin patch

Halloween is in the rear-view mirror, but your local pumpkin patch probably hasn’t closed down yet! Pumpkin patches often feature fresh produce, corn mazes, hay rides, petting zoos, and other fun activities for the whole family. Plus you have the benefit of visiting at a more relaxed time – after the Halloween rush!

Be thankful!

Ultimately, November is a great time of year to look back on the past months and consider what you’re thankful for. Not just because of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, but the end of the year is a good time to reflect back.


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