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Seasonal Staff Picks: Winter

Our team breaks down their must-have pieces and go-to styling tips for winter.

With winter weather in full swing, we caught up with the tentree marketing team to get their fresh takes on the outerwear styles they’re loving from our men’s and women’s collections this year. From cozy puffers to new eye-catching earthy tones, they shared the pieces they’re wearing on repeat and some wardrobe wisdom when it comes to dressing for the chillier days ahead.



Mat, Copywriter

Recommendation: The Men’s Cloud Shell Packable Puffer


Featured: The Men’s Cloud Shell Packable Puffer


“I’ve been in the market for a packable puffer jacket for a long time. I’m an avid cyclist and needed something that was warm, packed down easy and was lightweight for long trips. The funny thing is, I still haven’t taken it on a ride — but I’ve worn it practically every other day because it looks so good!

It turns out the recycled insulation is a bit more water-resistant than your average down jacket (which is a huge plus in rainy Vancouver). Not to mention it just feels good to know that the clothes I’m wearing are made sustainably and that I helped keep plastic bottles out of our landfills and oceans.”

Mat’s Winter Style Tip

  • Layer Up

“Adding a bunch of layers to your outfit is a great way to keep things a little more interesting than just a sweater and a coat or whatever. I usually throw on a tee, a shirt, a small jacket over that and then my full rain jacket. Besides the way it looks, it helps me stay warm and gives me tons of options if the weather changes and I need to lose a layer or two.”



Steph, Influencer & Affiliate Marketing Specialist

Recommendation: The Cloud Shell Mid-Length Unisex Puffer


Featured: The Cloud Shell Mid-Length Unisex Puffer


“This year, one of my favourite go-to looks is 90’s inspired with the InMotion High Rise Leggings, white socks, sneakers and an oversized hoodie, crew or puffer. It’s comfortable, warm and good for my on-the-go lifestyle.”

Steph’s Winter Style Tips

  • Keep It Simple

“I always like to keep it simple, no matter what season. By mindfully choosing quality pieces that I know I’ll love and wear often, I keep my closet feeling light and minimal without clutter. Before purchasing, I find it helpful to ask myself: will I wear this weekly? This helps me stay away from fast fashion too.”

  • Keep It Neutral

“I also wear mostly neutral pieces, (beige, black and white). Most things in my closet match so it’s easy to pick an outfit, and I find neutral pieces more timeless for me so I don’t feel the urge to replace them with other colours as trends evolve. I love that this year the Unisex Puffer has a bigger selection of colours to choose from. You definitely want to check out Pine Bark (pictured above).”



Hannah, Content Marketing Coordinator

Recommendation: The Quilted Cloud Shell Jacket


Featured: The Quilted Cloud Shell Jacket


“This jacket is new to the outerwear collection this year, and I’ve been living in it since it arrived. I grabbed it in black (although the Agave Green colour was a close second), and it’s super versatile. It keeps me warm in the morning on the commute to work but also dresses up nicely when I’m heading out for a fancier dinner. Little details like the quilted pattern and dropped shoulders make it feel elevated, but it has all the coziness of a puffer jacket.”

Hannah’s Winter Style Tip

  • Invest In The Perfect Pair of Boots

“While there’s nothing wrong with having options, I love having one dependable pair of boots that go with every outfit. I found that by investing in one pair, I can spend a little more, and they’ll last me for years to come. The pair I have now even come back into rotation with my summer wardrobe. My wardrobe is mostly black, and darker neutrals, so white is my go-to to help break things up.”


What is your signature winter style? We’d love to see how you rock your tentree outerwear — use #EarthStuff on Instagram for a chance to be featured. And don’t forget to check out the newest winter arrivals for both men and women.


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