10 Of The Coolest Nature-Inspired Tattoos

Nature has been inspiring works of art since ancient times, when people would paint animals and other natural features on the walls of caves.

Nature has been inspiring works of art since ancient times, when people would paint animals and other natural features on the walls of caves. Even today, people find creative ways to artistically show their appreciation for nature. One of those ways is body art.

We’ve long been fans of nature tattoos. It’s a fun and creative way to show your appreciation for nature! So we asked our tentree ambassadors to share with us photos of their nature tattoos and the stories behind them. These are some of our favorites.

A little tree

Ambassador Emily Lablanc shared with us her tree tattoo. “Here’s the first and only tattoo that I have, and it’s a tree! I know it’s pretty basic, but for me, it represents the beauty and the simplicy of nature in addition of representing my home, somewhere between the mountains and the sea.”

Washington and California

Ambassador Melissa McPheeters writes: “Grew up in the SoCal desert and now call the beautiful WA State “home” – that’s what inspired this one! Concealed my zip codes from my best friends’ handwriting for each place.” So cool!

Mount Rainier

Ambassador Chris Fricki shared his landscape tattoo of Mount Rainier “threading through the alpine lakes and into the white river valley.” Super cool sleeve!

Slovenia’s highest peak

Ambassador Janez Kriznar shared with us their tattoo of Slovenia’s tallest mountain, Triglav. Judging by the photo, it looks like Janez is always climbing to the highest peaks!

Flowers and bees

Ambassdor Erin Levine showed us her flowers and bees tattoo and told us the story behind it. “My thigh piece, flowers representing my loved ones and bees for fun.”

A tribute to Vancouver Island

Ambassador Crystal Pelehos shared with us a tribute to Vancouver Island, BC. As a brand based in Vancouver, BC we appreciate this one in a big way!


I grew up in Bavaria, Germany in the Bavarian alps and the east coast of the USA also spend most of my childhood either in the mountains or on the water sailing,” writes ambassador also, lived on a sail boat for a while…”

Hammerhead shar

Ambassador Jadie Lahie shared with us a tattoo of a hammerhead shark. “Because I love sharks and they are part of nature! We also need to protect those big guys, thats why I chose this tattoo. A symbol of a thing from nature we need to take care of!”

Remembering Bermuda

My fiance and I have just started a tradition of getting a tattoo everywhere we travel,” writes tentree ambassador Jeffrey Nelson. “Our first stop was in Bermuda! I got one of a Bermudiana, the country’s national flower, and my fiance got one of a Bermuda Longtail. I’ll get a picture of hers up soon! It’s on the inner side of my left bicep.”


Last on our list is a tattoo from ambassador Troy Barnies. From an Instagram post: “So if you guys were still wondering how much I love where I come from… well, here’s your answer. #Maine”

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