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5 Easy Ways To Be An Eco-Friendly Dog Parent

We humans who are concerned about the state of the environment often stop and consider our environmental footprint.

We humans who are concerned about the state of the environment often stop and consider our environmental footprint. How much carbon dioxide are we emitting? How much waste are we making? Where does our plastic go? Are we doing enough for the Earth? While you’re considering your environmental footprint, think about your best friend’s environmental pawprint!

There are a few things you can do to start living a more eco friendly life with your favorite pooch. Here are 5 easy tips to get you started.

Always recycle your pet food containers

Recycling the containers your pet food comes in can be a little tricky. Cans are easy to recycle – they’re accepted almost ubiquitously at major recycling plants – but plastic pet food bags can be a little bit trickier. Always check the bag for the plastic’s number and make sure that your local recycling plant can take it. If all else fails, pet food bags can be reused as trash bags.

Cut down on plastic items

Plastic pet items are certainly common, from toys to food bowls to water dishes. But there are many non-plastic options for your pets. Using a metal food dish and natural dog toys, like antlers, are two options that can help you get further from buying plastic pet gear. If you are buying plastic products, check the label to see what recycling options there are.

Donate unwanted pet supplies

Like with kids, if you’ve got a puppy, expect them to outgrow the collar you bought for them today…tomorrow! Once your dog has outgrown or lost interest in their current pet supplies, consider donating them to a local animal shelter or thrift store. These items are often in high demand, and you can give your pooch’s old leash and collar a new life.

Use eco friendly cleanup bags

Cleaning up your pet’s waste is an important part of being a dog parent. Fortunately, there are environmentally friendly alternatives to using plastic bags to pick up your dog’s waste when out on a walk or hitting a hiking trail. There are many commercially available biodegradable pet waste bags, which can drastically reduce your pet’s plastic pawprint.

Buy from eco-friendly pet suppliers

Perhaps the best thing you can do is choose to shop for your pet with eco-friendly pet suppliers. Look for “indestructible” toys, cotton toys, recycled rubber toys, and eco-friendly pet apparel.


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