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10 Reasons To Go Green

At tentree we do our best to make an impact but we can’t change the world on our own.

At tentree we do our best to make an impact but we can’t change the world on our own. Here are 10 ways going green benefits you:

Increase your lifespan

We stare at our computer screen, yawning, cracking our bones, stretching. Our bodies are begging to move yet we sit at home, at our desk or in the car for hours. According to the USA’s National Cancer Institute physical activity can increase our life span by 4.5 years, no matter what our weight or age. So break (out) the cycle: bike to work or go for a hike instead of watching Netflix. You’ll feel better and cut down on energy and gas consumption.

Save yourself time and energy

We often make things more difficult than they have to be. Skipping steps in our routine can save time and energy all while saving the planet. Avoid rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher or wetting your toothbrush before brushing. Skipping these steps can reduce your water consumption and save precious time.

Improve your self discipline

Your new years resolutions have come and gone but it’s never too late to make a change. Making steps to go green can improve our time management skills, memory and self control. By planning ahead to do all our errands at once, remembering to bring our reusable water bottle or coffee mug out, practicing shorter showers and making an effort to make responsible purchases, we practice self discipline and generally improve our self esteem.

Your clothes will last longer

It fit perfectly when you bought it, yet two months later it has lost its shape and no longer wearable. Using environmentally friendly detergents and air drying our clothes helps them keep their shape and colour longer, saving them from an early peril. Plus we’ll get that fresh scent without fabric softener and save on hydro.

Being eco-friendly is trendy

Avoiding talking to them from fear of saying the wrong thing? These days protecting our planet is a great ice breaker, take it from tentree. Demonstrate your sensitive side by sharing your passion for ecological awareness and who knows, maybe they’ll join you on your next hike. Remember, recycling goes beyond separating garbage and compost, it’s also about learning to love what’s already been broken. Find inspiration on why we love our planet here.

You’ll eat fresher, tastier food

Fruit sat in the fridge for days and still isn’t ripe? Buying local produce and meats stimulates the economy and enables more jobs in the neighborhood. Buying local also means less energy used transporting goods and less chemical preservatives and pesticides. Plus farmers markets are a lot of fun to visit.

Cut out your junk mail

Coming home after a long day and find the mailbox overflowing. We’re exited at the thought of all the correspondence we’re about to open but it comes crashing down as we pick through and find credit card offers, donation requests and coupon books. Luckily we can avoid this deception by receiving our mail online. Avoiding paper bank statements and using online mail systems can save hundreds of trees each year.

Avoid traffic jams

Your phone is buzzing while you’re out of coffee, all the radio stations are playing ads and you’re stuck between a slow starter and a tailgater. You’re pulling hair out as you text your boss to let them know we’re stuck in traffic. Then you see the bus fly by, filled with 200 stress free passengers, reading books, listening to music and on time for work. Cycling, taking the bus or carpooling can reduce stress and your carbon footprint.

Save money

Paid all the bills and left with nothing for yourself? Saving the planet also means saving your wallet. Properly insulating your house, using energy efficient light bulbs and appliances, water reducing shower heads, and self shut/start power bars will waist less energy. Plus using cruise control can improve your mileage by up to 15%. Or even better, a nice bike will cost you less than $1,000 while a nice car will cost at least 20X that.

You will influence change

It sometimes feels like you can’t make a difference, but everything that you do has an impact. All the purchases you make take energy to source, create and deliver. Making the choice to support companies who invest in sustainability influences other companies to invest in the same. Nothing is more convincing than voting with your wallet. Choosing goods from sustainable sources helps to maintain habitats, clean water and air, and reduces garbage clogging up landfills.


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