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4 Ways To Connect With Nature In The Spring

Spring can be a tumultuous time weather-wise.

Spring can be a tumultuous time weather-wise. It can be rainy, muddy, windy, cold, and snowstorms can occasionally take you by surprise. But still, spring is such a wonderful time of year! It’s a time of rebirth and easily my favorite time to reconnect with the Earth after a long, icy winter.

Here’s how I get into the groove of things.

Plant flowers for the bees

Pollinators have been in trouble for decades now, and they’re absolutely crucial! One in three calories of food is the result of the hard work of the world’s pollinators (and farmers and grocers), and one way you can give back to them is by planting flowers they use for food. Bees need a diverse array of flowers in order to survive, so go crazy with variety!

Get outside

My favorite thing to do in the springtime is go hiking. In the Pacific Northwest, it’s usually pretty rainy, so I don my waterproof jacket and hit the trails. It really is a magical time. The moss is thick and the air is heavy and clean. It really sets my mind straight.

Get your hands dirty

Springtime is when I build the foundation for the rest of the year. For me, it includes rearranging and replanting things in the garden, getting the worm composter going again, and getting everything the way I want it. I love getting my hands dirty every spring.


Spring is actually a pretty awesome time to see new places. You skip the holiday rush and beat all the summertime travel. Plus it’s nice in February to hop on a plane and head south to warmer climates. Further south, flowers are blooming, trees are blossoming, and it’s much much warmer.


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