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Celebrating Our Common Objective Leadership Award

The results are in! We’ve been recognized for our sustainable efforts with the CO10 Award for 2022.

Here at tentree, we’re constantly striving to become more sustainable. Whether we’re logging on to our laptops from home or walking through the doors at HQ, sustainability anchors and guides the work we do each day. While the journey has just started and there’s still a lot of work to be done, it’s important to pause and remember to celebrate the wins along the way.

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce we’ve won the Common Objective CO10 Award for 2022. If you haven’t heard of Common Objective before, it’s a global network for the fashion industry that’s dedicated to supporting and incentivizing better business practices for the planet.


common objective leadership award


With the goal of helping and inspiring businesses to become more sustainable, The CO Leadership Awards celebrate and promote leaders who are creating positive change in the way business is done within the fashion industry. Winners (who in the past have included eco-fashion giants like Stella McCartney) are recognized for sustainable practices that transform lives – and solve environmental challenges.

An award open to all businesses operating in the fashion industry, we were in competition with over 4,500 inspirational businesses from around the world. After first being shortlisted alongside 31 other brands from this large pool, we were then judged by a panel of experts. This panel included fashion icons like Brigitte Stepputtis, Head of Couture at Vivienne Westwood and Dylan Jones OBE, Editor of British GQ.

Receiving high scores in six different categories, the judges noted us for our outstanding product range and transformative impact for both people and planet. With such tough competition, it’s an honour to have won this award alongside nine other sustainable leaders, including EILEEN FISHER, Komodo, and Elvis & Kresse (just to name a few), who are all setting a new standard for sustainability in fashion alongside tentree.


woman holding seedling in nursery

Featured: A farmer at our planting site in Antsanitia, Madagascar.


Our Director of Sustainability, Kathleen, shared that while this is an exciting win for the tentree team, it’s also an important win for other businesses that are on the road to becoming more sustainable.

“Often large brands get a lot of press or praise for taking action to reduce or improve unsustainable practices. But it’s so important that brands are being recognized for their planet-first missions so that others can see that sustainable businesses can thrive. We need to give greater attention to the businesses that start with a sustainable mission, rather than those that act to make amends for the negative impact they’ve created historically.”

We’re far from perfect, but being a part of Common Objective gives us access to a network that brings together resources and companies striving for better. We’re all on the path to becoming more sustainable together, and we’re proud to have received this recognition along the way.


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