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Let’s Get Transparent: B Corp Certification

Learn about the steps tentree's taking as a B Corp to do business differently and more sustainably.

We are constantly striving to lead by example at tentree. It’s our mission to show how an Earth-First company should operate and the lasting impact that small choices, like where you buy your clothes, can have. Transparency is key in our relationship with our community, which is why we’re excited to tell you about a big accomplishment that really shows that we’re not just talking the talk but walking the walk.


Awarded Best In The World for 2021

We’re thrilled to share that tentree has been named Best For the World in Community for 2021, a title given every year to the top-performing B Corps creating the greatest impact through their business. If you haven’t heard of the B Corp Certification before, it’s the gold standard for good sustainable business. B Corps are businesses with a purpose that extends beyond just making a profit. They want to see a change in the world and lead the charge in driving social and environmental good. This is a big milestone and we wanted to share what it means for us and the community that supports us.


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What is a B Corp?

As a B Corp, we’re part of a group of leaders (over 4,000 companies worldwide) who are using business as a force for good. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. They use their profits and growth as a means to a greater end, creating a positive impact for their employees, communities, and the environment.


What does it take to get certified?

Becoming a certified B Corp is no easy task. Only 1 in 3 companies successfully complete the B Impact Assessment, which evaluates how a company creates a positive impact through their day-to-day operations and beyond. Certification requires a minimum score of 80 points and we’re extremely proud to be certified with a current Impact Score of 124.6. For a little context, as a recipient of Best for the World 2021, we not only scored in the top 10% of our global community but in the top 5% of B Corp certified businesses worldwide. You can check out our score in more detail and how we ranked in each category here.


Why does being a B Corp matter to tentree?

This recognition reinforces our core belief — environmentalism should be inspiring and inclusive. Everything we do stems from how to do better by our planet and we’re constantly looking at innovative ways to make apparel with the smallest possible footprint. By planting 10 trees for every item purchased, we are actively creating a more sustainable future and empowering our customers to make a tangible impact.


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To ensure that our planting efforts are actually making a difference we work with a variety of not-for-profits, educational groups, and organizations that oversee reforestation projects at a local level. Our planting initiatives take place across the globe and help create employment in underprivileged communities, equating to hundreds of full-time jobs. From an environmental perspective, the trees we’ve planted have removed millions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and reforested over 5,000 hectares of land.* With every purchase, this impact continues to grow as we move closer to our goal of planting 1 billion trees by 2030.


Where do we go from here?

We’re not ones to brag, but sharing this achievement with you is important. Our certification as a B Corp holds us accountable and challenges us to raise the bar as we continue to grow as a company. By redefining what it means to be successful in business, we’re part of a movement that’s actively working to solve the social and environmental problems facing our planet.

Our journey as an Earth-First company has only just begun. A lot more work lies ahead of us as we work to become even more sustainable. But big change starts small, and your mindful decision to shop with us is a step towards this brighter and more sustainable future.


* These estimates are based on report figures provided by our NGO planting partners.


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