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Fabric Focus: Recycled Cotton

Keep it circular (and comfortable).

Our Winter Collection is here, and with it, we’re excited to introduce the latest sustainable addition to our tentree fabric family — recycled cotton. One of the lowest impact fibres in the fashion industry, recycled cotton gives your clothes that super soft cotton feel, but with a smaller environmental footprint than its conventional counterpart. From using 99% less water to reducing textile waste, there are plenty of ways this fabric is good for our planet.


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Featured: Women’s Recycled Cotton Oversized Cropped Crew paired with the Recycled Cotton Jogger


A Quick Recap of Conventional Cotton vs. Organic Cotton

Although conventional cotton is technically plant-based (meaning it can bio-degrade back to the earth) the harsh chemicals used to grow it make it far from natural. It’s estimated that each year, conventional cotton production uses 16% of the world’s insecticides and around 6% of the world’s pesticides.

These toxins and chemicals degrade soil quality, pollute natural water resources and damage the surrounding environment once they wash out of the soil. Because of these unsustainable practices, local communities are put at risk, and conventional cotton farmers are often exposed to dangerous chemicals and toxins on a daily basis.



Because of this negative environmental impact, we only use certified 100% organic cotton in our clothing. Better for the environment and the farmers who grow it, sustainability in cotton farming focuses on practices that maximize soil health and benefit surrounding ecosystems and biodiversity. These methods often use less water than conventional cotton farming, ensuring responsible stewardship of this finite natural resource.


A New Option: Recycled Cotton

While you’ll still see organic cotton in our collections, we’re excited to introduce recycled cotton as a new alternative to add to the list. In addition to helping the planet, recycled fibres like these also help address the issue of textile waste.

Sustainable Benefits

  • Recycled cotton is one of the lowest impact fibres and uses way (WAY) less water and energy to produce than conventional cotton. Each kilogram from our current supplier Circular Systems™ uses 99% less water, 54% less energy and emits 20% less CO2. This dramatic reduction in water is because, unlike conventional cotton or even organic cotton, it does not require any land for cultivation.
  • This brings us to our next point, that recycled cotton also helps address the problem of textile waste in the fashion industry. By using it in our clothing, we can divert textile waste away from landfills and keep materials in circulation.

Featured: Men’s Recycled Cotton Hoodie


The End Result

We’ve blended recycled cotton with 100% organic cotton for this new collection. We chose to use a blend because recycled yarn tends to feel slightly less soft due to the fibre shortening in the manufacturing process.

By blending the two, we can create pieces that feel just like the every day basics you already know and love. And as we continue to work more with this fibre, it’s our goal to increase the percentage of recycled material.


Featured: Women’s Recycled Cotton Hoodie paired with the Recycled Cotton Jogger


Shop the Winter Collection for men and women today to experience a new layer of sustainable comfort.


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