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Fabric Focus: Undyed Palette

Natural. Timeless.

Lean into what feels natural with our new Undyed Palette. Made without dyes, these neutral shades represent a gentler way to create sustainable essentials and embrace nature’s grounding tones.


undyed palette

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The Cost of Colour

As a sustainable fashion brand, we know that dyeing clothing can be one of the most energy-intensive and polluting steps in production.

From the beginning, we’ve always ensured our colourful collections are dyed responsibly by working with suppliers that share our commitment to the environment, manage chemicals safely, and treat their wastewater to avoid causing pollution. We work with bluesign® and GOTS-certified dyehouses where possible and ensure all our products meet international chemical safety standards.


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Taking these important steps helps ensure the environment remains as vibrant and beautiful as the pieces you buy from us. Sadly, some factories lack these environmental safeguards and pose a severe risk to ecosystems and communities. Here’s how it can impact them:


Water Waste

  • Conventional dyeing consumes massive amounts of freshwater. As many dyeing factories are located in regions already facing water scarcity, this adds additional pressure on freshwater systems and the people relying on local water resources.

Chemical Pollution

  • After completing the dyeing process, untreated wastewater is often dumped into nearby lakes and rivers. In areas surrounding some textile dyeing factories in Asia, rivers have changed colour due to the number of chemicals dumped into them.

Environmental Harm

  • Once in waterways, chemicals harm ecosystems and contaminate clean water sources, affecting nearby communities and aquatic life.


The Undyed Palette

Our new Undyed Palette is another step forward in our sustainability journey. Building on our existing responsible dyeing practices, it offers a new approach to creating the soft, sustainable basics you love. We like to think of it as another tool in our sustainability toolbox, helping us to reduce our overall environmental impact.


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By mindfully skipping the dyeing process and refining what nature has created, we use less water and energy while eliminating the chemicals needed for dyeing altogether. For example, applying the Undyed process to 1 kg of our new SeaBlend fabric, on average, uses 40% less water and 33% less electricity.

Available in a range of sustainable materials, explore the Undyed Palette and embrace a less is more mindset this Earth Month.


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