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Give Your Clothes a Second Chance

Circularity is our new take-back program that repurposes and recycles your old tentree, so that nothing goes to waste.

At tentree, we’re known for planting ten trees with every purchase and making comfortable, sustainable clothing using earth-friendly materials and low-impact methods. It’s a big part of who we are as a company and maybe why we’ve become a part of your sustainability journey along the way. Like you, we care about the planet and want to help build a better future by making more sustainable choices.

While it’s our goal to create durable pieces that will last for years, we’ve been thinking a lot about what happens to our clothing once you’re done wearing it. The fashion industry has a huge waste problem, and to be honest, our clothes are part of the problem. Although we adhere to the most sustainable standards when making your clothing, your tentree pieces will likely end up in a landfill without a plan in place.


The Problem with Textile Waste

Studies show that approximately 85% of all textiles end up in landfills or incinerated. This percentage equates to a truckload of clothes being burnt or buried in landfills every second.



Once there, garments can take up to 200+ years to break down and do a whole lot of harm to the environment along the way. Even if you take the extra step to donate your used items, they’ll likely be shipped to countries where the sheer volume of exported clothing has suppressed local clothing industries.

Seeing the statistics, we can’t ignore that our current way of buying, wearing and throwing away clothing is taking a huge toll on our planet. With this problem only predicted to get worse, we recognize that simply producing durable products using responsible factories and materials is no longer good enough. It’s time for a change, so we’ve created a one-of-a-kind solution.


Our Solution

The most sustainable option for your pre-loved clothing is to find new ways to keep wearing it. The second most sustainable option? To keep it in circulation.

Introducing, Circularity by tentree — our new revolutionary program that keeps your well-worn tentree clothing in circulation and out of landfills. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes for a while now to develop this program and are excited that we can now breathe new life into your old tentree pieces, whether it’s a gently used jumpsuit or a well-worn pair of sweats.




How it Works

The process is easy: just create an account with our partner SuperCircle to start building your digital closet. Once you’ve lived your best life in your tentree clothing, request a free shipping label from your account and send your items back.

After parting ways, your package makes its way to the SuperCircle warehouse, and they do the rest to ensure your clothing stays in circulation. Plus, as an added bonus, each time you return your well-worn tentree clothing, we’ll send you tentree Rewards that you can use towards future purchases.



Old Clothes, New Life

To make this program a reality, we’ve partnered with SuperCircle and Treet, two companies specializing in keeping textile waste out of landfills. Each plays an essential role in repurposing your clothes, which is why they’ve teamed up with us to develop this groundbreaking program.

You may have seen other apparel companies that offer recycling programs or a few that have resale. But this is the first time both elements are merged into one program, prioritizing keeping your clothing in circulation and eliminating waste.

Here’s how they work together to keep your clothes in circulation: Once you drop your package off, it makes its way to SuperCircle’s warehouse. Here they help us process returned clothing and evaluate its condition. If everything looks good, they pass your items along to Treet, who will list them for sale in our consignment shop.

In the event that we can’t sell pieces due to their condition, maybe a few too many rips or wine stains, SuperCircle will mindfully recycle them. This looks like either upcycling your clothing into new yarn and eventually textiles (think recycled denim, tees, etc.) or downcycling them into other mixed-use items (think insulation, padding for sports equipment, etc.) The aim is always to reuse before we recycle, but whatever path your clothing takes, we guarantee it stays out of landfills.


The Future is Circular

Circularity by tentree is our next big step as not only a sustainable but a restorative brand. We’re taking responsibility for the clothing waste we produce and are excited to make it even easier for you to live sustainably.



By keeping your tentree pieces in circulation, you’re doubling the life of your clothes and reducing a garment’s carbon footprint by roughly 44 percent. This is a major win for the planet, but it’s only the beginning. By looking at the data generated by our circularity program, we can ensure we’re designing products that will stay in use for as long as possible before either biodegrading naturally back to the earth or being fully recycled into high-quality materials for future products.

The future of fashion is circular, and we’re celebrating this milestone together. By giving your pre-worn garments a second life, we’re both doing our part to reduce the apparel industry’s massive footprint — one repurposed garment at a time.


Send back your pre-loved tentree clothing today or explore our consignment shop to find the perfect, pre-worn pieces.


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