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Now Planting Beyond the Shore

We’re venturing into the ocean with our planting projects and unlocking the power to restore Earth's ecosystems on land and sea.

We’re expanding our tree-planting mission to protect our planet’s oceans through seaforestation and other ocean-saving initiatives.

Going beyond the shore, we’re leveraging revolutionary technology to launch underwater reforestation initiatives that bring the benefits of tree planting to the sea.

Every second breath we take comes from our oceans, which produce over half the oxygen we breathe, creating an invisible yet powerful bond between us and a part of our earth many of us have never seen. No matter where we are, our lives on Earth are deeply linked to these underwater worlds, which cover 71% of our planet.



Our oceans are essential to our survival, yet the impacts of climate change go largely unnoticed as these vital ecosystems slowly disappear. Without oxygen, food, and the other resources these marine ecosystems provide, our lives would be completely altered.

Through our new underwater initiatives, we’re working to reforest our oceans by planting kelp – the ocean’s equivalent of trees – and restoring vibrant ecosystems, such as mangrove estuaries and coral reefs, which are some of the most biodiverse on the planet.



By planting and caring for these underwater environments and introducing new innovative products, like fabrics that help reduce marine pollution, we’re unlocking the power to restore all of earth’s ecosystems and create positive change for both our planet and the people on it. Together, we’re making an impact globally, now both on land and in the ocean, and these benefits will last for years to come.

Here’s a closer look at the projects we’re launching.


Kelp Planting

  • Partnering with OceanWise, we’re utilizing innovative green gravel technology to plant sugar-, bull-, and giant kelp.
  • Future Impacts:
    • Restore, cultivate and protect at least 5,000ha of kelp and the biodiversity it supports
    • Sequester large amounts of carbon
    • Support the livelihoods of Indigenous and coastal communities and provide adaptations to cope with the impacts of climate change


Coral Reef Restoration

  • Partnering with Plant a Million Corals, we’re using revolutionary techniques that have reduced coral regeneration time from 15-25 years to 1-2 years to restore tropical reefs.
  • Future Impacts:
    • Prevent the collapse of complex coral ecosystems
    • Restore important habitats and nurseries for fish species throughout Florida and the greater Caribbean ecosystem
    • Protect coastal communities by creating a buffer against waves, storms, and floods


Mangrove Planting

  • Partnering with EarthLungs, we’re expanding our mangrove planting projects and restoring coastal estuaries at the fringe of land and sea.
  • Project Impacts:
    • Protect biodiversity by restoring critical habitats
    • Protect coastal communities against storm surges and erosion, and improve livelihoods
    • Sequester large amounts of carbon


Expanding our sustainable fabric line to include new materials that protect our oceans is also an exciting part of this new chapter.


SeaFleece and SeaBlend Collections

  • Made with REPREVE® Our Ocean® polyester, these new collections offer innovative and soft-to-the-touch fabrics made from plastic bottles at high risk of entering the ocean.



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