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Report: Half Of The World's Energy Now Comes From Renewable Energy

Many of the world environmental issues we are facing today, are a result of our reliance on fossil fuels for our main means for energy.

Many of the world environmental issues we are facing today, are a result of our reliance on fossil fuels for our main means for energy. Yes companies and innovators are coming up with ways to combat air pollution, global warming, and many other environmental problems, but we will never have a full sulliotin till people are able to easily rely on renewable energy to power our daily needs.

So until we are completely able to substitute renewable energy for fossil fuels, we will be only covering half of the problem.

With that in mind, we are making huge steps in the right direction, with renewable energy becoming more prevalent throughout the globe. Last year there were over 500,000 solar panels installed each day and renewable energy finally passed coal energy in becoming the largest source of power on a global scale.

The International Energy Agency reported that the renewable energy accounted for over half of the new power capacity around the planet. Wind and solar power are the mainly responsible for leading us off of fossil fuels more than any other forms of renewable energy.

The total of  installations of environmentally friendly energy sources were up 15 percent in 2014, which completely changed the International Energy Agency’s prediction for renewable energy. The prediction was the use of renewables would increase by only 13 percent between 2015 and 2021, underestimation on how quickly countries are can follow suit.

This movement was largely driven by Asia, China being the main contributor. Europe, which was once thought to be a leader in the renewable energy movement, is falling behind.

“I am pleased to see that last year was one of records for renewables and that our projections for growth over the next five years are more optimistic. However, even these higher expectations remain modest compared with the huge untapped potential of renewables.

The IEA will be working with governments around the world to maximize the deployment of renewables in coming years,” explains IEA Executive Director Dr. Faith Birol in a statement.

Green energy is the fastest growing source of electricity generation in the world, but we are still falling short in regards to the meeting the Paris  Climate Agreement, and we will not be able to stop the planet below a 3.6 Fahrenheit warming temperature.

The Paris Climate Agreement is not the only driver for the increase use of renewable energy, it is also human safety. In Asiam the main concern is air pollution and the population’s health, not meeting the terms of the agreement.

As we are moving forward, we will continue to see out shift to our power markets led by renewables. The market for these types of renewable energies are getting more and more competitive, which means that costs will continue to drop. It’s never been a better time to invest in something real, renewable, and vital.


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