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Meet the M’89 — tentree’s first-ever sustainable sneaker.

We’d like to introduce you to our friends at SAYE. They’re a Barcelona-based footwear brand on a mission to create classic and sustainable sneakers that encourage a more conscious lifestyle. For a while now, they’ve been aware of the footwear industry’s negative impact on our planet, and are leading the way in shifting footwear toward a better future.

Inspired by our shared values and their commitment to our planet’s well-being, we’ve partnered with SAYE for our first-ever sustainable sneaker collaboration.


Say Hi to the M’89.


Featured: tentree x SAYE M’89


Ethically made using innovative materials, the tentree x SAYE M’89 has a timeless design that delivers on comfort while keeping its impact on the planet low.

Here’s a closer look at what goes into making this super sustainable pair of sneaks.


Vegan, Organic, and Recycled Materials

Knowing that the average pair of sneakers produce 30 pounds of CO2 and takes hundreds of years to biodegrade, the M’89 was mindfully designed using materials that cut back on waste and emissions in a big way.

The body of the sneaker is made from corn-derived vegan leather. This bio-based material is much more sustainable than the standard vegan leather other brands use — which is normally made from plastics, releases toxins into the environment and takes years to biodegrade.


sustainable sneakers

Featured: tentree x SAYE M’89


In addition to being cruelty-free, these vegan leather alternatives utilize waste from bio-based products such as fruits, vegetables, and plants, produce fewer emissions in production, and are often biodegradable.

Starting with vegan leather, SAYE then carefully selected the following materials to complete this future-focused footwear:

  • A 30% natural rubber blend for the outsole
  • 100% recycled pre-consumer foam from mattress production scraps for the insole
  • 70% bamboo lining
  • 100% certified organic cotton for the laces.


Ethically Made

In addition to using sustainable materials, the M’89 is also ethically produced. From the beginning, SAYE has partnered with suppliers that respect their workers, improve their living conditions, and provide them with a good working environment.


tentree x SAYE M'89

Featured: tentree x SAYE M’89


Timeless Design

The final element of this sustainable sneaker is its timeless design. With a versatile colour palette, the M’89 pairs effortlessly with any wardrobe and will stand the test of time as your go-to pair.

An essential part of sustainability is how we take care of our possessions. By investing in responsibly-made products that are made to last and repairing items whenever possible, we can reduce our consumption of resources, ensure that our items last longer, and contribute to a more sustainable world.


tentree x SAYE M'89

Featured: The tentree x SAYE M’89 styled with the Wide Leg Pant and Highline Reversible Tank


Inspired by the classics and updated for a greener future, Shop the tentree x SAYE M’89


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