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Lizzie Sabin Talks Sustainable Sneakers

Explore our new sneaker collab with SAYE and read our conversation with co-founder Lizzie Sabin.

Inspired by our shared values and commitment to our planet’s well-being, we’ve partnered with Barcelona-based footwear brand SAYE for our first-ever sustainable sneaker collaboration

Ethically made using innovative materials, the tentree x SAYE M’89 has a timeless design that delivers on comfort while keeping its impact on the planet low. 


tentree x SAYE

Featured: tentree x SAYE M’89


We caught up with the co-founder of SAYE, Lizzie Sabin, to learn more about the brand, her vision for the future of SAYE and some of her favourite books and documentaries when it comes to sustainability.


Lizzie Sabin

Q: Has sustainability always been an important aspect of your personal life? What were the influences behind creating such an environmentally conscious brand?

If I’m being honest, a few years ago, I was not the most sustainable woman in the world. But over the years, and especially since I co-founded SAYE with my partners, I consider myself sustainable and much more aware of how important it is to take care of the planet’s resources. Especially now, when resources are becoming increasingly limited, and fashion consumption has reached an all-time high. Right now, at a personal level, I only shop at secondhand stores and have completely given up on fast fashion. At home, I recycle and make sure to only buy what I truly need.


Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to focus more on conscious consumption, especially when it comes to footwear and fashion?

One has to keep in mind that fashion is the second most polluting industry, and buying new clothes or shoes adds up if it’s not done mindfully.

Once you’re aware of that, there are ways to minimize your environmental impact, such as focusing on secondhand and vintage items, buying only what you truly need, and remembering that sometimes being sustainable means paying a higher price.


Featured: tentree x SAYE M’89


One way to start consciously buying clothing and footwear is by researching brands. Look for transparency. Learn what materials they use, where their products are made, if they are involved in any social causes, what their brand values and whether they adhere to them. It’s important to do your research to ensure you’re making an informed purchase.


Q: What is your vision for the future of SAYE?

Our vision is to be recognized as a leading vegan and sustainable brand worldwide. We’re continually innovating with sustainable and recycled materials to create durable sneakers that last for years. We strive to become a reference in the fashion industry when it comes to sustainable sneakers.


Featured: tentree x SAYE M’89 styled with the Hemp Button Front Shortsleeve Shirt and Twill Everywhere Pant


Q: Are there any books or series you’d recommend that you’ve found helpful when learning more about sustainability?

We live in a world where information is readily accessible; however, the term “sustainability” has been overused and has become diluted, much like greenwashing. However, there’s one book I love, called Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas, that perfectly explains the cost of fast fashion on the environment and solutions for a better future. If you’re looking for a book that talks about sustainability more generally, you need to read How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates. 

Also, right now, Netflix has a lot of documentaries, like A Life on Our Planet by David Attenborough, Before The Flood by Leonardo Di Caprio, and the docuseries Down to Earth with Zac Efron, which explores different topics in each chapter.


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