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Top 11 Tree Planting Inspired Songs

Here’s a top 11 list of the best tree-planting inspired songs.

Here’s a top 11 list of the best tree-planting inspired songs. Many of the songs in this list are from a compilation called, “Hi and Ho, We Plant Trees” released in the spring of 2008. You can download the full album for free at the Free Music Archive.

1) Smoky Tiger – The Tree Planter’s Waltz 

Is a retake on the classic Log Driver’s Waltz, a National film board vignette released in 1979 and composed by the late Wade Hemsworth. “The tree-planters waltz pleases the girls, completely”

2) Robbie Sinclair – The Treeplanting Song

A true tree-planter’s anthem. This song describes a shift-in-the-life of a tree planter, from bar to laundromat. “Don’t be late ’cause the trucks won’t wait.”

3) The Be Good Tanyas feat. Jolie Holland – Cabin In The Woods

With very few planting inspired lyrics, this is a really good one to sit back, relax and reminisce to. “It’s been a crazy weekend in the woods.”

4) The Gruff – General Store

Another feel good, day-off song. “I’m going down to the general store and the cowboy bar right next door — going to dance to the local band and raise a glass to this mountain land.”

5) Brian Brigden – Back In The Mountains

That feeling, in the early spring, when you’re back on the bus heading up to “the mountains again” conveyed through song, perfectly.

6) The Breakmen – KM 19

One of my all time favourite songs. The breakmen clearly know what they’re talking about: “quad’s dying, shoulder cryin’ waitin’ on day four. I don’t want to work at kilometre 19 anymore.”

7) Deb Hirkala – The Wedding Song

A tree-planter’s love song, beautifully composed. “Working hard for zanzibar, they figured they were going far, least someday they’d move out of the Van.”

8) Bad Uncle – Planter For Life (after four years)

Is it true “that after four years you know you’re never gonna stop?” This is a song for all the lifers. “Everybody’s busy making babies today, but I got a couple million children living up on the block but they’aint gonna live long before they chop, chop, chop.”

9) Michael Mloszeski – Meziadin Junction

Relax and listen to this great piece of dark Canadian folk music. “… and I was chasing a poet’s dream down a wild and crooked river, chasing after her whenever I had the choice”

10) Mike Ford – The Crummy

Fortunately, Crummy’s are rarely used anymore. They are planter transport vehicles, consisting of a steel box welded to the frame of a F-550 with bus seats bolted to the floor. Some have a mind of their own, as Mike Ford eerily describes. “Fourteen planters and one dog, winding trails through the fog.”

11) Lars Zergun – Gorilla Warfare

Brought to you by the infamous King Kong Reforestation crew, rumoured to plant the best contracts in the southern interior. Everyone want’s to work for King Kong. “If you seek my monument look around you.”

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