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You Just Helped Us Plant Our 10 Millionth Tree. Here's What That Means:

We are honored to announce that, with your help, tentree has planted its 10 millionth tree.

We are honored to announce that, with your help, tentree has planted its 10 millionth tree. This is an exciting milestone because we know it’s just a drop in the bucket of what we can do together.

At tentree, we’re all about planting trees, but your impact goes beyond that. Our trees are able to revitalize local economies by providing sustainable wood as well as steady employment where we do our work.

Around the world, we have been able to partner with some incredible not for profit organizations as well as individuals to transform communities.

In Madagascar, vital mangrove forests have been completely devastated. This devastation has left locals with infertile soil, making it difficult to farm. By replanting the mangrove forests with native trees, we help farmers reclaim their land and produce food for their families and communities.

In Ethiopia, entire forests have been obliterated, leaving locals subject to severe flooding and the washing away of vital farmland. You can see clearly that planting trees has an incredible impact beyond just the trees themselves.

Your trees also provide assistance to ecosystems stressed by the destruction of the environment. In Nepal, the trees we’ve planted provide a habitat for almost 800 different animal species.

We are also able to employ 10 people in Nepal with good paying full time jobs, which is especially vital in the wake of the recent earthquake. During the planting season, we’re able to offer 100 more temporary jobs, all because you decided to pick up a shirt or a hat. Not only were those jobs secure, but the trees we planted survived, giving a reliable source of food and fuel through hard times.

Each tree planted is native to the region it’s planted. We do not allow invasive species to be planted in these areas. Each of our planting projects has the support of the local governments, ensuring their protection and long-term safety for the locals as well.

Perhaps the most incredible finding we’ve made about planting trees is that each one has a natural regeneration rate of 20%. So when we plant 10 trees on your behalf, those trees on average grow and reseed about 2 more trees. So really, it’s like you’re getting 12 trees planted for each item you pick up in our store.

Tree Talk

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