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Meet Our Planters

For us, planting trees is as much a people project as it is an environmental project.

WRITTEN BY Rhya Johnston-Wallace

For us, planting trees is as much a people project as it is an environmental project. Planting trees gives individuals the opportunity to create a better life, find a deeper connection to nature, and ultimately teach future generations the importance of our planet’s finite resources.

We’re in this for the long haul. With the support of our partner Eden Reforestation Projects, we use an Employ-To-Plant model that works to lift communities out of poverty over time. Wondering what Employ-To-Plant means?

  1. Eden Reforestation Projects employs workers to plant our trees in some of the most impoverished places in the world. Most of these individuals have never had a cash-paying job in their lives and consider education, housing, and adequate food supplies unaffordable luxuries.
  2. These planting wages are enough for planters to quickly become solid members of the upper-middle class within their society in terms of income.
  3. Planters are educated on the importance of their newly created forests and how to care for them. This imparts a sense of ownership and pride in their work, which in turn reduces needless deforestation in the region.
  4. Planters are then able to provide for their families and pay for their children’s educations while passing on their knowledge of the environment.
  5. Future generations are able to pursue greater opportunities and contribute to local economies.

It’s hard to believe that so many of the life changing stories we’ve come to know all started with a tree, so we wanted to share a few with you.


Mama Nata

Lives: Madagascar
Planter With: Eden Reforestation Projects

Mama Nata is a long-time planter at our Mahabana, Madagascar site. Using her tree planting savings, she opened a local general store which now supports her daughter’s education. Mama Nata stills plants part-time to support herself and her husband.

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Lives: Peru
Occupation: Head of ECOAN Conservation Organization

Constantino (AKA Tino) is widely known as ‘Father of the Forest’. He rallies indigenous communities to plant the native Polylepis tree, which protects the Amazon Rainforest from droughts and fires. Tino is a selfless leader who has made it his life’s work to conserve one of the world’s most precious regions.

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Lives: Madagascar
Planter With: Eden Reforestation Projects

Meet Roasoa Lestine: a planter we met in Madagascar. Roasoa saved up her tree planting income and opened a local coffee shop, creating space for her community to come together.

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Lives: Senegal
Occupation: Farmer
Planter With: Trees for the Future

We first met Malik as a peanut farmer who was struggling to support his family. After teaching him to grow a sustainable forest garden, his family and community began to prosper. He then used his new skills to teach other peanut farmers to plant their own forest gardens.

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Want to know more about our planting projects? We thought you’d never ask.


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