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tentree x Give Grow Games

In the spirit of environmental innovation, we've teamed up with Give Grow Games for their new mobile reforestation game.

We’re always striving to find new ways for all of us to live more sustainable lives. From creating eco-friendly fibers for our clothing, to developing our Climate+ initiative for easy carbon-offsetting, we do what we can to make all of our lives more eco-friendly. In the spirit of environmental innovation, we wanted to highlight a company that we’ve been supporting as they’ve been preparing to release their debut eco-mobile game.

We’re excited to share that we’ve been supporting the indie mobile game studio Give Grow Games with their release of their reforestation-based puzzle game forestree. It’s a relaxing game about planting trees and building sustainable ecosystems with philanthropy integrated into its DNA.

Naturally, engaging people to plant trees is an idea we can get behind at tentree, and so you’ll be able to see us represented in different parts of the game.




What’s Give Grow Games?

Give Grow Games is a charity-forward Canadian mobile game studio that seeks to make games that have charitable, sustainable, giving central to their design. Their vision’s to bring gaming and charity together, harnessing the power of games to make causes more interactive and exciting.

Their debut game, forestree. promotes the idea that balancing an ecosystem and planting trees can be more than meaningful, it can also be fun.

When James and Hudson, the founders of Give Grow Games, sat down to plan Give Grow Games, they were curious which companies would be open to this experimental idea of gaming and charity. They looked to us as a certified B corporation, and our emphasis on our “triple bottom line,” and our digital initiatives such as our Impact Wallet. Like us, they know that people want more options to live sustainably, and that companies can work for all of us. Further, video games are uniquely positioned to have people of all ages engage with sustainable education in fun and unique ways.


What’s the Triple Bottom Line?

The triple bottom line can be boiled down to the three P’s: “profit, people, and planet.” Or put another way, it’s when a company only creates a product if it also develops global sustainability and equity. It’s a growing trend pushing companies to care about more than just profit, and, as we see an increasing amount of Millenial and Gen-Z entrepreneurs, we also see an increase in triple bottom line companies.

For Give Grow Games , the first and second “p,” profit and people, means standing up to the predatory practices that find their way into modern mobile games. You won’t find loot boxes or pseudo-gambling mechanics in their games, just honest and transparent monetization practices.

The third “p,” planet, is omni-present in forestree. In-game it seeks to engage and challenge you to think about what makes a successful ecosystem and forest.


Why we’re working with Give Grow Games.

Historically, corporations have been one of the largest global contributors to pollution and climate change – but it doesn’t have to be that way. We strive to change that status-quo through leading by example with our triple bottom line and our sustainable initiatives, and we’re thrilled to see that it’s inspiring new companies like Give Grow Games to follow suit.

We’re proud to have customers who recognize the value of the triple bottom line and seek out socially conscious businesses. In fact, in 2018, Nielsen found that almost half of Americans would shift their shopping habits to support sustainable practices. These are great numbers – and we’re confident they’re only going to continue to rise.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just trying to live a more socially conscious life, we encourage challenging this status-quo. Keep seeking out ways to make a difference, because small changes add up. Your choices matter whether that is choosing to wear eco-friendly clothing, or choosing to play a game that plants trees.


Play today.

Come see what forestree. and Give Grow Games is all about. As of today, you can download it for free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. There’s lots to discover in forestree’s tentree forest, so come explore the many secrets the game has to offer – and remember, when you plant trees in the game, you help plant trees in real life too!


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